What Is Amazon BSR? (The Ultimate Guide 2023)

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Ever wonder What Is Amazon BSR is and why it is so important? Well, the BSR factor directly determines how well your product is performing in a specific category. But you don’t have to worry much about it. We will guide you through this post. 

Amazon has become a well-known retail marketplace, and no business can ignore its capability. Before the global shutdown, this giant marketplace’s ad revenue was more than $10 Billion. 

Amazon has millions of products in 30+ product categories. And most of the available Amazon products are rewarded with a ranking which is known as BSR (Best Sellers Rank). 

This post will intensely discuss the Amazon BSR and how it affects your business. 

Let’s get started with What Is Amazon BSR.

What is Amazon BSR?

Amazon BSR (Best Sellers Rank), also known as Sales Rank, is a score that every product in this list is sold at least one time. BSR metrics actually indicate how well a product is selling on Amazon. 

Amazon’s algorithm estimates BSR using the number of historical and recent sales of a product’s data compared to the other products in the same category. 

How is the Amazon BSR Calculated? 

The BSR is calculated in terms of sales (recent & historical), promotions, and price changes with the same competitive products in that category. 

You need to know Amazon BSR is evaluated hourly. It means that if an item sells a lot in an hour, its BSR will increase rapidly. But after an hour, if it drops to only one unit sale, that won’t necessarily drop down to a BSR. Rather, the BSR algorithm will be evaluated on both sale rates. 

What is the Difference Between BSR and Organic Ranking?

New Amazon Sellers always get confused between Amazon BSR and organic ranking. The BSR shows how good the product ranks in sales, while the organic ranking is based on a given keyword.

Amazon’s Organic Ranking is measured by how frequently a product is clicked on and viewed by shoppers. Basically, it appears on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for a specific keyword. 

A product’s Organic Ranking has no aspect on that product’s current Amazon BSR. According to Amazon’s algorithm, products are organized by what Amazon sees on the SERP for that keyword research

If an Amazon product got a better rank on SERP doesn’t mean that it has a remarkable Amazon BSR as well. If they do get a good BSR, it would have had better sales in the past, lower prices, high conversions, or better reviews.

What is Amazon BSR? How to Become a Great Amazon BSR?

Amazon BSR differs in every category. Suppose there are 10,000+ products listed in a category in which 5000 have a BSR tag on them. A product’s BSR can range from 1 to 1 million. The lower the number, the higher the BSR is considered. 

To become an Amazon BSR, you have to get more sales by investing in Amazon’s sponsored items. Spend time to grasp Amazon’s metrics and focus on getting your product’s listing and brand pages more visible to its search results. 

What is Amazon BSR badge? How to get one? 

A few years ago, Amazon represented the BSR badge which was awarded to the top sellers. The badge indicates which item got a high ranking in terms of recent and historical sales. It allows customers to make intelligent purchasing decisions. 

To get an Amazon BSR badge, you must include these tips, which can be implemented to help you boost your BSR.

1. Create an Optimized Product Listing:

Keyword research is the best and easy way to optimize your product listing. You can pick keywords with high search volumes, titles, descriptions, and targets. Highly relevant keywords with good search volume can optimize your product listing. 

2. Invest in Sponsored Products 

Investing in Amazon’s sponsored products can increase your exposure. You can invest in those image ads that are served across the Amazon retail marketplace, including organic ranking. You can bid on those particular keywords to make sure that your listing only shows up on the most relevant keywords. 

3. Target the Right Category 

Listing your products in an irrelevant category can harm your BSR badly. In order to get a BSR, you must list your product in the correct category that has low competition but a high sales record. 

4. Use Convincing Product Images

Product images also encourage a visitor to increase their click-through. For a particular product, Amazon requires a number of images that you must comply with. You can use high-resolution images that have zoom features, including size reference. 

5. Create a Solid Advertising Strategy

Advertising a product is a great way to boost your product sales. Amazon PPC (Pay-per-click) ad campaigns can increase both your sales and organic ranking. Running a PPC can boost your sales and quickly get you a BSR badge if you’re selling your product in highly-competitive categories and niches.

How to Use Amazon BSR to Estimate Sales? 

You can estimate your sales using your Amazon BSR by following the steps. 

Step #1. Open a product page on Amazon. 

What Is Amazon BSR - Overview

Step #2. Search for your item by sorting the results list. 

What Is Amazon BSR - Item

Step #3. Click on your product that is listed under the best seller rank. Copy the numbers. 

What Is Amazon BSR - Best Sellar Rank

Step #4. Open the Amazon Sales Estimator. 

Amazon Sales Estimator

Step #5. Enter your country, name your product category, and paste the number you have copied.

Step #6. Calculate Sales. 

Estimator Number Sales Per Month

Note. Monthly sales data are regularly changed. You must check the sales history for an accurate picture of your products’ sales. 

Why is Amazon BSR Important? 

An Amazon BSR is used to decide a product’s reputation in its category and against its rivals. If the numbers are low, that means your product is getting more sales. And if the numbers are high, your product is not getting the exposure you expect. That’s why Amazon BSR is important. 

You must follow Amazon’s algorithm to get your product the exposure it needs. This is why you might need a solid strategy to gain the Amazon BSR to increase your sales.

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Final Thoughts: What Is Amazon BSR?

Amazon is dominating the retail industry by providing every needy product to their shopper. Amazon BSR is one of the best factors that influence the online market. 

The higher your products’ exposure is, the lower your Amazon BSR you get. After getting the BSR badge, you can increase your sales by focusing on that particular product where you rank in relevant search results. Amazon BSR plays a vital role in remaining in the competition and getting more exposure. 

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