Viral Launch Review 2023 — Is It Worth The HYPE? (Aug 2023)

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Indeed, Viral Launch comes with a robust suite of tools for Amazon sellers. 

While I was about to start with Viral Launch, I was the same, searching for an in-depth Viral Launch reviewAt that time, I wanted to have a clear view of what Viral Launch was capable of. 

Well now, as a user of Viral Launch for over 14 months plus counting, I have gained a sneak peek view into Viral Launch. 

In this detailed Viral Launch Review, I’ll help you get detailed insights into Viral Launch. To review Viral Launch I’ll take various aspects such — as data accuracy, ease of use & interface, all features & tools review, chrome extension, pricing, alternatives, customer support & resources, and so on. 

So let’s dive in an unbiased Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch Review: In a Nutshell

Viral Launch market itself — The one-stop suite of tools for Amazon sellers. 

As per my encounter with the Viral launch, I would say — it lives up to HYPE. 

Well, Viral Launch has everything that you need to start selling on Amazon. From niche selection to product research, from competitor analysis to listing management — Viral Launch has so much to offer. 

viral launch
Viral Launch
Ultimate Amazon Seller Tool

Viral Launch is one of most recommended Amazon seller tools which provides accurate keywords data and statistics. Well, get upto 15% on Viral launch monthly and yearly plans — Lifetime.

I found Viral Launch provides a reliable competitor intelligence tool. This tool helps you stay on the top of selling on Amazon. Recently, Viral Launch has introduced a module called Kinetic PPC — this module helps you automate your Amazon PPC

Overall, I can pretty much say, Viral Launch has every tool you need to — excels as an Amazon seller. Compared to other Amazon sellers tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10, Viral Launch is a bit expensive. 

However, later on, in this Viral Launch review, I’ll explain why it’s worth every single penny you invest. 

Is Viral Launch Data Accurate?Viral Launch Review

I have seen critics saying that Viral Launch data isn’t accurate and reliable. Anyways, I have found such issues with the accuracy of Viral Launch data. 

I would say don’t take my word for it, to verify the data accuracy Jungle Scout has conducted various tests and case studies. And they have concluded that Viral Launch data accuracy is — 79.3%, refer to the screenshot below. 

Viral Launch Review - Data Accuracy

Well, now you have a clear idea that Viral Launch data is reliable and accurate. 

Viral Launch Ease of Use & InterfaceViral Launch Review

Getting started with Viral Launch is pretty straightforward, signup with a membership plan. Once you’re done, you will be able to access the Viral Launch dashboard. 

When I logged into the dashboard of Viral Launch, honestly I felt like it was very basic — simple. However, when I played around a bit, I found out it’s pretty intuitive and the metrics were amazing. 

Well if you’re a beginner and don’t have any idea — how to use Viral Launch. It comes with a step-by-step guide, that you can follow along. You will have all the Viral Launch features in the launchpad itself, just switch back and forth between all the tools.

The tools of the Viral launch are effective and help you carry out in-depth research in an easy way. In addition to the web-hosted tools, Viral Launch also comes with a Viral Launch browser extension. 

 I found the Viral Launch browser extension pretty useful because it helped me research on the go. I was able to validate product ideas, and do keyword research all with a single click of a button. 

Overall, the interface of Viral Launch is built for everyone — beginners, intermediate, and Pro Amazon sellers. 

Viral Launch Tools & Features – Viral Launch Review

In this section, I’m going to review all the tools and features of Viral Launch. By the end of this section, you will get the complete walk-through of Viral Launch tools and features. 

So let’s in. 

Product Discovery — Amazon Product Finder

As the name suggests, Product Discovery helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. The tool provides better insights and results with data-based accuracy. 

To make use of the Product Discovery tool you need to log in to the Viral Launch dashboard and navigate to Product Discovery. 

Viral Launch - Product Discovery

Once you log in you will see a streamlined dashboard, where you can enter keywords. What’s more, there are robust filter options that help you to filter the search result to find — profitable products to sell. 

Viral Launch - Robust filters

Well, you have various ways to find product ideas — category search, category scan, keyword search, brand search, and pinned ideas. 

You can also make use of advanced filters with specific profits and sales — to help you find profitable products. 

The key highlights of Product Discover Module

  • Easily uncover profitable products to sell on Amazon. 
  • It provides robust filters options to narrow down the search result. 
  • Provides built-in real-time and historical data from Amazon’s full catalog.
  • Better Results with data-based accuracy and suggestions. 

Market Intelligence Amazon Product Research (Validating Products Ideas)

Market Intelligence is the tool that helps you validate your product’s ideas. In simple words, it helps you get all insights into the products you’re going to sell. You will get useful metrics such as historical data, profit, sales, upfront costs, and so on.

To get started with market intelligence, all you need to do is navigate Viral Launch launchpad, and then to Market Intelligence. Now you just need to enter the product name that you wanna sell and click on the search button. 

Viral Launch - Market Intelligence

Well, now you will have useful data and metrics such as — competitors’ data, market trends, comprehensive analysis, sales estimates, and so on. 

The start validation system of Viral Launch is pretty useful when it comes to validating product ideas. The more stars or Product Idea score a product has — the more chances of its success. You will get data at a pretty useful glance, this really helped me avoid the guesswork. 

Compared to Jungle Scout, the Viral Launch product validation system is intuitive and the data metrics are reliable. All-in-all, this is the only tool that helps you find the exact goldmine products to sell on Amazon. 

The Key Highlights of Market Intelligence

  • Built on real-time and historical data
  • A robust 5-star validation system
  • Validates your product ideas and helps avoid guesswork
  • Insights with historical sales, price, and review trends

Keyword Research Tool — Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Yeah, you know how important keywords are for Amazon listing, well it’s important to make your products discoverable for the right query. 

Keyword Research Tool

Viral Launch comes with a reliable and robust keyword research tool. While most of the Amazon Seller tools don’t provide reliable data and metrics. 

Reliable Data

Thankfully all the keywords and data of Viral Launch are reliable. All the data and metrics for Amazon have been pulled from Amazon search and autosuggest. 

To use the Keyword Research tool, navigate to Viral Launch launchpad and then to the Keyword Research tool. Now input the keywords for which you wanna do the keyword research, it will then provide impactful metrics and details. 

impactful metrics

Well, there are various ready-to-use filters, this helps you filter all the irrelevant keywords and keep the useful keywords only. The tool has an advantage that helps you find keywords of your competitor’s listing that they are missing out on. 

competitor listing

Competitor Intelligence — Reverse ASIN Lookup 

Well, competitor intelligence is an advanced Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool. I found it extremely useful to find out — how my competitors were performing. 

To get started with the Competitor intelligence tool, you need to just enter a product ASIN. Once you enter the product ASIN, you will get a massive list of the top-performing keywords of your competitor’s listing. 

Competitor Intelligence

What’s more, the tool will also provide data and insights such as — analyze & track indexation, keyword rank, sponsored ad ranks, sales, price, reviews, search volumes, notifications options, and so on.

With the Competitor Intelligence reverse ASIN lookup you can:

  • Automate keyword research
  • Best-seller detection
  • Keyword search volume 
  • Suggested PPC Bid
  • Index Checker
  • Keyword Rank tracker
  • Keyword notification
  • Hourly keyword tracking
  • Deep product analysis
  • Product comparison module
  • Sales, price, and reviews
  • Product Notifications

Note: When I first time use the competitor intelligence tool, I underestimated it. However, when I deep dive into the reverse ASIN lookup I found the tool very useful. I was able to uncover some of the top-performing keywords of my competitor. So, don’t underestimate this Competitor intelligence tool. 

Listing Builder & Analyzer — Amazon Keyword Optimization Tools

The Listing Builder tool makes it super easy to create and optimize Amazon listing on the go. 

I was amazed when I found out that you can import and optimize your previous listing — instead of creating and optimizing a new listing. 

Using Listing Builder is super easy, you just need to open the Listing Builder & Analyzer. Well, mow you start creating your first Amazon listing very easily. Even the best part is that it provides a robust analysis module — to help you optimize your listing the best way possible.

Listing  Analysis

Well, the tool will compare your listing do photo analysis, listing test analysis. And it will also give you an overall optimization score just like other tools such as Jungle Scout. 

One interesting fact is that you can compare your listing to your competitors directly without any hassle. Overall, as per my encounter with Listing Builder and analyzer, I found it pretty useful. 

competitor Analysis

Some of the Key Highlights of Listing Builder & Analyzer:

  • Reverse Market Lookups
  • Amazon Search Volume Data 
  • Historical Search Volume Trends
  • Integrated With Viral Launch — Launchpad

Keyword Manager — Manage All Your Keywords In One Place 

Well, using the Keyword Manager of Viral Launch you can easily manage all your keywords in one streamlined dashboard. 

Keyword Manager

The Keyword Manager is simple to use, where you can add all your keywords in one go. Even you have the option to export the list to a CSV file. What’s more, the keyword manager will also help your track all your important keywords in one simple-to-use dashboard. 

PPC Automation — Kinetic PPC 

Well, the Kinetic features are available with the Viral Launch Pro plan only. 

As per my encounter with Viral Launch, I can say — it’s the only PPC tool that you need as an Amazon seller. The working of Kinetic PPC is similar to the PPC automation tool of Helium 10 — Adtomic. 

Kinetic PPC 

You can also trigger customized rules for automation, even you can choose a template to get a head start. You can choose a template, and customize the trigger rule. Even you have the option to enable a recurring option. 

Automation Filters

You can add a campaign rule, ad group rule, keyword targeting rule, search terms, and product targetting rules. 

Note: No you don’t have to worry about the safety checks. You just need to let the rules run automatically or even annually approve each action — you’re in control. 

Product Launch Service Viral Launch Review

Product Launch is an additional service of Viral Launch. Well using this module you can easily launch your products on the go. 

The tool helps you to launch your product effortlessly, actually, it’s a step-by-step module to help you launch your product on Viral Launch launchpad. 

This tool is easy to use, I found it really useful, just add a product, then create a launch, and then view the launch’s analytics. After that you can sit back and relax, you will be able to track all the traffic coming to that particular product. 

The Product Launch services of Viral Launch do a lot of heavy lifting for you. Most of the Amazon seller tools charge you for the Product Launch services, however, it doesn’t charge you a single penny — it comes within the Viral Launch plans. 

Viral Launch Chrome ExtensionViral Launch Review

Like other Amazon seller tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10, Viral Launch does come with the browser extension. 

I have used the Viral Launch chrome extension and found it pretty useful to research on the go. 

To get started with the chrome extension of Viral Launch, you need to install it on your Chrome browser. You can navigate to the launchpad of Viral Launch and install the chrome extension there. 

With the help of the Viral Launch chrome extension, you will be able to find product ideas, keywords, along other useful metrics that help you carry out the research easily. The best part is that you don’t have to log in to your dashboard to use these features. 

While surfing any products, you can easily browse through any marketplace — everything is one click away. You get detailed insights into various — niches, products, categories, metrics, and so on. 

As a heavy user of Viral Launch chrome extension, I would like to say, it’s pretty useful to research on the go. 

Viral Launch PricingViral Launch Review

Viral Launch pricing is simple and flexible, however, it’s a bit expensive compared to Jungle Scout and Helium 10. 

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I would say, it is worth every single penny you invest in Viral Launch. The data accuracy is reliable and comes with a robust suite of tools for Amazon sellers. I would say, reliable tools and accurate data — won’t come cheap. 

Viral Launch - Pricing

Here I’m gonna review the pricing plans of Viral Launch. 

Essential Plan: $69/monthly 

Note: It will cost $58/month when you choose to pay yearly. Also, you get two months free when you pay for one year upfront. 

The Essential plan is perfect for carrying out Amazon product research. The plan comes with various features such as — advanced product filtering, keyword search volume, browser extensions, advice and guidance, and global data. 

Pro: $99/monthly

Note: It will cost $83/month when you choose to pay yearly. Also, you get two months free when you pay for one year upfront. 

This plan has all the essential and advanced features that you will need to sell on Amazon. The plan has the features that the essential plan has got to offer. 

Plus you will also get features such as — competitor monitoring, SEO & listing optimization, rank tracking & alerts, listing health analysis, monthly revenue, historical sales, and price trends.

Pro Plus Ads: $199/monthly 

Note: It will cost $166/month when you choose to pay yearly. Also, you get two months free when you pay for one year upfront. 

This plan is a one-stop solution for Amazon advertising and sales optimization. The plan has all the features in the Pro plan. 

Plus you will get other features such as — a robust Amazon advertising platform, detailed advertising analytics, robust automation, and organic + PPC keyword tracking. Well, this plan also doesn’t come with any limitations on the features. 

What’s included in all plans of Viral Launch? 

Some of the features that come with all the Viral Launch plans:

  • Robust Data & Automation
  • Amazon Strategy Resources
  • Seamless Integrations provided
  • Expert support Assitance

Note: Like Jungle Scout and Helium 10, Viral Launch doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. All the plan your purchase is non-refundable. 

If you’re not sure about Viral Launch yet, I would suggest you get started with Viral Launch 14 days free trial here. 

Which Viral Launch plan is best for you? 

I can’t predict which plan is suitable for you because every Amazon seller’s journey is different and has different requirements. I would suggest checking my Viral Launch pricing plans review, where I have explained which plan is suitable for whom and what. 

What are the marketplaces supported by Viral Launch? 

Viral Launch basically supports various marketplaces of Amazon. The research tools of Viral Launch support — United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, and Brazil. 

Pros & Cons – Viral Launch Review

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Pros

We have listed below the Pros of Viral Launch

  • The user interface of Viral Launch is beginner-friendly and intuitive.
  • With its keyword research tool, you can get detailed insights into any keyword.
  • With Viral Launch Chrome Extension, you can do product research on the go.
  • Viral Launch also offers professionals to handle your campaigns for a price.
  • The customer support team of Viral Launch is responsive and easily accessible.

Viral Launch Cons

Now, Let’s take a look at the cons of Viral Launch

  • With so many tools, it can be overwhelming for beginners to understand how to use Viral Launch properly.
  • The data accuracy of Viral Launch is not as good as Jungle Scout.

How Good Is Viral Launch? Viral Launch Review

We have tested and used every single tool and feature of Viral Launch, we have a piece of good news for you it offers the most accurate data with an accuracy of 79.3%, which is the second most accurate data after Jungle Scout. We have also covered all the essential information and unbiased review of Viral Launch that you are expecting to find. Viral Launch also offers a very affordable pricing plan at a discounted rate. It also offers marketing intelligence and analytics that help you to find the best product to sell. 

Viral Launch Alternatives & Competitors Viral Launch Review

As per my experience with Viral Launch and other Amazon seller tools, I found two reliable alternatives to Viral Launch. Well, these are Jungle Scout and Helium 10. Check detailed reviews of these Helium 10 (review) and Jungle Scout (review).

I can’t compare Viral Launch to other direct competitors, however, I have already compared these tools earlier. So check them out above. 

Conclusion: Viral Launch Review 2023

So this is my detailed review of Viral Launch, hope you find it helpful.

Now the question is — Is Viral Launch worth the HYPE?

As a Pro plan user of Viral Launch, I would say, I got satisfactory results from various tools of Viral Launch such as Keyword research tool, market intelligence, and product research tool. 

Based on my requirements and usage as an Amazon seller, Viral Launch lives upto the hype. I would say, it’s a bit expensive though, it worths every single penny because of the features and tools it provides. 

I hope this detailed Viral Launch review helped you get an insider’s view into Viral Launch. 

What’s your favorite Amazon seller tool? Is it Viral Launch or any other tool?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

FAQs: Viral Launch Review

How accurate is Viral Launch?

As per the research of Jungle Scout, Viral Launch is 79.3% accurate. Well, that’s a pretty good percentage to rely on the data and metrics of Viral Launch. 

Who owns Viral Launch?

Casey Gauss is the founder and CEO of the Viral Launch. The company Viral Launch was founded back in 2014 and since its thriving the industry. 

Does Viral Launch offer any free plan?

No Viral Launch doesn’t offer any free plan. However, Viral Launch does offer a 14-days money-back guarantee. 

Is there any money-back guarantee on Viral Launch?

No Viral Launch doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee on any of its plans. However, there is a 14-day free trial available. 

Does Viral Launch work in the UK? 

Yes, Viral Launch works for the UK marketplace. It supports various marketplace such as — United States, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, and Brazil. 

Which tool is better Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

The answer is Viral Launch is the best tool when it comes to product research and keyword research. On the other hand, Jungle Scout is a one-stop tool for Amazon FBA sellers out there.m

Is Viral Launch a reliable tool?

Yes, when it comes to data accuracy and reliability Viral Launch comes with less margin of error compared to other Amazon sellers tools available out there.

Does Viral Launch support the Indian marketplace?

Yes, Viral Launch supports the Indian marketplace as well. What’s more, it also supports other marketplaces such as — the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, China, Japan, and so on.

How can I boost my subscription?

If you want to upgrade your subscription, visit the setting tab from your Viral Launchpad or get help from its customer service team at

Does Viral Launch have a chrome extension?

Absolutely, they offer a chrome extension that includes every plan, which helps you to review exact sales and market data at the same time browsing Amazon.

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