Teikametrics Coupon 2023 (Exclusive Discount Offer)

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Are you in search of a working Teikametrics coupon? Well, you’ve landed on the right page to get an exclusive coupon on Teikametrics.

Teikametrics is an AI-powered advertising platform that offers to connect, grow and optimize your business on different marketplaces. Its AI-powered tool, known as Flywheel 2.0, helps you run a successful business on Amazon or Walmart, and so on. It also automates keyword targeting, bidding workflows, and your campaign creation.

If you find Teikametrics expensive, then use this exclusive Teikametrics coupon to save a few bucks on your purchase. I will also explain how you can claim this coupon offer without any hassle. Stick around to find out everything about Teikametrics.

Let’s get started.

Available Teikametrics Coupon (2023)

If you search for a working Teikametrics coupon on the internet, you will find a lot of websites claiming to offer working Teikametrics coupons, but in reality, all of them are fake. There is no active offer on Teikametrics right now. They do bring amazing deals at the time of New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

You can keep an eye out for those deals and grab them whenever you can. Until then, you can try out their free trial offer. They also offer a free plan to all of their users. I will update you guys here as soon as a new deal come up on Teikametrics.

How To Claim Teikametrics Free Trial? (Step By Step)

There is only one active offer on Teikametrics, and it is a 30-day free trial. Follow all these steps in the same order to claim the free trial.

Step #1: If you don’t see the free trial on the website manually, then use this link which will redirect you to the free trial page of Teikametrics. Now you need to click on the “Try Free For 30 Days” button to start the process.

Teikametrics Coupon - Overview

Step #2: It will redirect you to the sign-up, where you need to enter your email address, business name, password, and your first & last name. Once you fill out all of these details, click on the “Sign Up” button.

Teikametrics Coupon - Sign Up

Step #3: As soon as you finish signing up, you will receive an activation link on your email address. Open the email and click on the “Verify Email” button. It will ask you to log in to your account with your credentials.

Teikametrics Coupon - Verify Email

Step #4: Once you log in to your account, it will ask you to answer a few questions such as “In which channels do you sell products,” “What are your business’s annual sales,” “How are you using Flywheel,” “Why did you choose our product over others,” and “What would you like to accomplish with Flywheel.”

Teikametrics Coupon - Log In Account

Step #5: Once you answer all the above questions, it will ask you to connect advertising data and connect products data. You need to connect your Amazon account with Flywheel to activate the AI-Powered automation.

Teikametrics Coupon - Question

If you have followed all these steps in the same order, then your 30-day free trial will get activated. You won’t need to pay anything if your sales are under $10K in GMS. Once you cross this threshold, you only need to pay as you use Flywheel.

Teikametrics Overview

Teikametrics is a well-organized sales and profitable management platform by which users can increase their sales and profitability on the Amazon site. It also helps you to boost the profit margin of the users to grow the business. This tool features an exclusive blend between next-generation automation and data science. 

With Teikametrics, users don’t need to use rule-based bidding and archaic. With its keyword automation feature, you don’t have to perform exhausting tasks. It allows you to support automation to boost sales, visibility, and efficiency. This tool has an efficient team of experts who are always ready to provide expert help for its users. 

Teikametrics Pricing Plans

There are basically three pricing options available on Teikametrics, and I am going to explain all of them in detail.

Teikametrics Coupon - Pricing

1. Basic Plan:

The basic plan is free of cost with a validity of forever. This plan is best for you if you want to analyze your product, marketplace, and advertising performance. With this plan, you will get different data metrics such as multi-channel data aggregation & reporting, proactive inventory & advertising notifications, product-level profitability insights, campaign, keyword performance, and ad group metrics.

2. AI-Powered Plan:

If your monthly marketplace sales are below $10K, then you don’t need to pay anything for this plan. If it is higher than $10K, then you need to pay 3% of monthly ad spend and $0.30 per tracked search term. This plan offers you goal-based campaign creation & optimization, multi-channel & multi-level performance analysis, market intelligence, and inventory optimization. It also gives you all the features of the Flywheel Basic Plan.

3. Flywheel AI-Powered + Ad Management Plan:

If you want to know the pricing of this plan, then you need to contact their sales team. They will create a custom plan based on your requirements. This will also include Flywheel Basic plan features. You will get a designated account manager, an account team & e-commerce strategist, standard ad management, premium ad management, and Amazon DSP management.

There are no fixed pricing plans on Teikametrics. But all the plans available on Teikametrics are affordable and flexible. You only have to pay for what you use on Teikametrics. This will help you decide which plan will be best for you.

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Conclusion: Teikametrics Discount Coupon Codes (2023)

Teikametrics Flywheel allows you to connect your marketplaces, ads, and products on one platform. It will allow you to optimize every penny you spend on ads. You can quickly grow your business, improve your efficiency, and save a lot of time for other things for your business. They have already optimized over $7B in annual sales and over $1B in annual ad spending. It can quickly maximize your profit from your marketplace.

I hope this Teikametrics coupon helps you save a few bucks on your purchase. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

FAQs – Teikametrics Coupon

Can I use Teikametrics for free?

Yes, you can use Teikametrics for free with its Flywheel basic 2.0 plan, which is free forever. With this plan, you can only connect & analyze your Amazon seller account.

How many users can I add to my premium Teikametrics account?

You can add as many users as you want, and you won’t be charged for any of it. You will only have to pay 3% of your total marketplace ad-spend monthly.

What happens when my 30-day free trial ends?

With the 30-day free trial, you can use all the premium features of Teikametrics Flywheel. You will be charged as soon as the free trial ends. If you won’t be charged for it then cancel the free trial before it ends.

Can I upgrade to a premium plan from a free plan on Teikametrics?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan whenever you want. All you need to do is go to your account section and click on billing and then click on the upgrade button to upgrade to a premium plan.

Can I create multiple user access to my Flywheel account?

Yes, you can create as many user access as you want to your Flywheel account. To create a user, you need to go to your account settings and click on the users option; after that, you can create users.

Can I change my country or marketplace for advertisement?

Yes, you can change your country or marketplace for advertisement whenever you want; all you need to do is contact the support team, and they will get it done for you.

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