10+ Best Jungle Scout Alternatives (The Ultimate List 2023)

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Point blank answer — Helium 10 is the #1 alternative to Jungle Scout.  Why! Because Helium 10 offers a one-stop suite of tools for Amazon sellers at affordable costs starting at $37/month. 

No doubt, Jungle Scout is a reliable one-stop suite of tools for Amazon sellers. However, Jungle Scout may not be the perfect tool for you because of many reasons. The reason could be expensive pricing, limitations in the starting plan, or lack of PPC automation features, etc. 

To help you choose a value for money yet features packed Amazon seller tool. I have curated a handpicked list of the best Jungle Scout alternatives. 

In this post, I have listed only the best Jungle Scout alternatives. While curating the Jungle Scout alternatives list I made sure all the tools listed here have similar features to Jungle Scout and offer a flexible pricing structure. 

So let’s dive into the Jungle Scout alternatives list. 

List of 10 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives (Updated 2023)

Here I have listed some of the best Jungle Scout alternatives. What’s more, all the alternatives listed here come with robust value-for-money features. Here’s a quick sneak peek of features. 

  • Helium 10 — The Complete Jungle Scout alternatives. 
  • Viral Launch — All-in-One Amazon Seller Tool. 
  • Sellics — Advanced Advertising Tools for Amazon Seller.
  • AMZScout — One-Stop Amazon Seller Tool.
  • SixLeaf  — Advanced Amazon Seller Tool.
  • Sellerlabs — Robust Alternatives to Jungle Scout.
  • AmazeOwl Best For Products Research
  • ZonBase Best For Finding Profitable Products
  • Semrush Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis Tools

So let’s dive in. 

1. Helium 10  – (The Complete Jungle Scout Alternative)

First in our list of Jungle Scout alternatives is Helium 10. It is the best alternative to Jungle Scout as it comes with an all-in-one suite for Amazon sellers. Helium 10 is a complete suite of tools for Amazon sellers. It comes with a whole bunch of robust features  — Product research, creating & managing listing, powerful analytics tools, PPC management & automation tools, and so on. 

Jungle Scout Alternatives - Helium 10

The best part about Helium 10, it is built from scratch for all types of Amazon sellers— beginners, advanced, and experts. The interface of the tool is easy and straightforward, all the tools are available in a streamlined dashboard. What’s more, they provide valuable resources to help you grow as an Amazon seller. The customer support team of Helium is available 24/7. 

Note: Check the detailed comparison of — Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout.

Key features:

  • Amazon niche selection
  • Profitable product research
  • Easy keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Listing optimization 
  • Inventory protection
  • Refund management
  • Email automation
  • Amazon Index Monitoring
  • Amazon PPC Management 

Price: The base plan of Helium 10 starts at $39/month when paid monthly. Well, you can also check our working Helium 10 Coupons to get up to 50% OFF on Helium 10.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

2. Viral Launch – (The Best All-in-One Amazon Seller Tool)

Viral Launch is another reliable alternative to Jungle Scout. Viral Launch market itself as a one-stop suite for Amazon sellers. Yes, Viral Launch comes with all the essential and advanced features to help you starts and grow your selling on Amazon business.

Viral Launch

When compared to Jungle Scout, Viral Launch offers various features for — product research, competitor analysis, listing management, and robust analytics. In fact, Viral Launchs’ product research module is way more powerful than Jungle Scout. Also, the data and metrics offered by Viral Launch are reliable. The interface of the tool is easy and straightforward, all the tools are available in an intuitive interface. 

Note: I have already done a detailed comparison of Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch here.

Key Features:

  • Amazon product finder
  • Robust Product Research & validation
  • Amazon keyword research tool
  • Reverse ASIN lookup
  • Listing builder & analyzer
  • Easy keyword manager
  • Kinetic PPC — PPC Automation
  • Product Launch Services
  • Viral Launch Chrome Extension

Price: The base plan of Viral Launch — Essential Plan costs $69/month. Well, you can check our working Viral Launch coupon codes to get up to 20% OFF on Viral Launch

Viral Launch - Pricing

3. Sellics – ( Advanced Advertising Software for Amazon Sellers )

Sellics is another alternative to Jungle Scout that you can try. Sellics is an advanced advertising software for Amazon sellers. The smart campaigns of Sellics mainly automate your advertising from campaign setup to optimization. They have robust AI-based algorithms that leverage keyword clustering, sales forecasting along with seasonality models,s and more. 

Sellics - Oevrview

What’s more, Sellics allows you to set up Amazon-based PPC automation. With Sellics you have the option to build your own automation rules where you can set up bidding rules, targeting, and so on. Moreover, Sellics also provides three additional modules which is focused on “Advertising Readiness.” These modules are — SEO, Profit, and Reviews. 

Key Features:

  • 1-Click PPC automation
  • End-to-end AI Automation 
  • ACOS Optimization
  • Keyword harvesting
  • Automated bidding
  • Amazon keyword tool by Sellics
  • Provides monthly trends
  • Optimization based on complex AI patterns
  • Scoreboard for all your products

Price: The base plan of Jungle Scout starts at around $349/month. There are other plans available.

Sellics - Pricing

4. AMZ Scout-  (The Complete Product Research Tool)

AMZ Scout is one of the best product research tools available out there. Compared to Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout provides a robust product research module that is accurate and comes with a great set of features. It’s a kind of complete toolset for selling on Amazon. 

AMZ Scout - Overview

AMZ Scout mostly offers a complete toolkit for selling on Amazon. With AMZ Scout you can easily find profitable low competitive products, you can source those products from local and international suppliers’ databases. What’s more, you can also discover popular and undiscovered product keywords. Moreover, AMZ Scout also provides valuable resources to start selling on Amazon. Best of all, AMZ Scout comes with Pro Chrome Extension, to help you carry out research on the go. 

Key Features:

  • Product Database
  • Reverse ASIN lookup
  • Amazon keyword research
  • Amazon super URL tool
  • Sales estimation
  • Amazon dropshipping & arbitrage
  • PRO chrome extension
  • Expert tips and market insights
  • Blog — News, case studies, and guides. 

Price: The AMZ Scout Amazon Sellers’ Bundle costs — $49.99/month. Also, the Pro Extension only costs $45.99/month. 

AMZ Scout - Pricing Plan

5. SixLeaf former ASINpector 

SixLeaf is one of the complete alternatives to Jungle Scout. SixLeaf comes with everything you need to launch your products, dominate your competitors and scale your Amazon selling business. 

Sixleaf - Overview

With SixLeaf you will various useful Amazon seller features such as — product research, product launch, branded URL creator, inventory protection, and so on. Overall, Sixleaf comes with all essential and advanced Amazon seller features to help get started, scale, and grow the business. 

Key features:

  • Easy integration with Sixleaf
  • SixLeaf chrome extension
  • On-page search volume
  • Listing quality analysis
  • Proprietary revenue score
  • Product opportunity finder
  • Analyze ASIN Metrics
  • Monitor campaigns in real-time
  • Automated order validation 
  • Profit forecast and market overview

Price: The base plan of Sixleaf — Acron costs $47/month, The Oak plan costs $97/month, and The Red Word Plan costs $147/month. 

Sixleaf - Pricing

6. Seller Labs – ( Robust Alternative to Jungle Scout )

Sellerlabs offers robust — Amazon seller software, tools, and services. With Sellerlabs you can easily start, grow and manage your Amazon selling business. Well, you can manage your sales, reviews, profitability, and so on — in a strained interface.

Sellar Labs - Overview

SellerLabs is one easy-to-use platform that maximizes your Amazon sale. Also, it comes with a flexible framework that gives you the flexibility to make decisions based on — data trends, customer patterns, and so on. Sellerlabs offers comprehensive data which has accurate reports to help you make informed decisions. 

Key Features:

  • One easy to use platform
  • Flexible frameworks 
  • Comprehensive data and accurate report
  • Manages Amazon advertising 
  • Optimize customer reviews
  • Advertising management
  • Listing Optimization
  • Monitor daily ads performance

Price: The monthly Seller Labs platform costs $49/month when billed monthly. The annual plan costs $39/month when billed annually. 

Sellar Labs - Pricing

7. AmazeOwl – (Best For Product Research)

Note: We have also done a detailed AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout comparison for you.

AmazeOwl is another great alternative to Jungle Scout, which can help you find your first profitable Amazon product to sell. This product research tool can help you find the best products to sell on Amazon without any hassle. While researching the products, you can just save the products and track them later on when you decide to start selling them. It comes with applications for Mac and Windows both.

AmazeOwl Overview

The only thing we don’t like about AmazeOwl is that it has very low data accuracy, around 61.2%. To use the product research tool of AmazeOwl, you need to log in to your account and access it from the dashboard. It comes with many filters that you can use to find the products you’re looking for. It is also much more affordable than Jungle Scout, so that’s a plus point. If you want to know more about AmazeOwl, then check our detailed AmazeOwl Review here.

Key Features:

  • Get Millions Of Product Ideas
  • Validate & Launch Your Product
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Niche Tracking
  • Keywords Monitoring
  • Auto Product Updates
  • Vast Product Database
  • AmazeOwl Academy
  • Premium Customer Support

Pricing: It comes with a free plan which gives you limited access to AmazeOwl tools. The Growth plan starts at $19.99/mo or $12.99/mo yearly. The Established plan starts at $29.95/mo or $19.99/mo yearly.

8. ZonBase – (Best For Finding Profitable Products)

ZonBase combines product research and PPC, which is why it is the perfect alternative to Jungle Scout. This platform is designed for beginner and expert sellers alike. It offers you 14 different tools to use. In their product database, you can find over 20 million products. With the ZonResearch tool, you can find your very first or your next winning product. With their hot products feature, you can find which products are trending right now on Amazon.

ZonBase Homepage

It also comes with a Chrome extension that you can use to do product research while surfing on Amazon. Some of its tools are Listing Automation, Keyword Locator, Sales Estimator, Keyword Analysis, Secret Niches, Reverse ASIN, and so on. The biggest advantage of ZonBase is that they offer one-on-one mentorship, which not many tools offer.

Key Features:

  • ZonResearch For Extensive Product Research
  • Hot Products To Find Popular Products
  • Listings Optimization
  • Reverse ASIN
  • ZonTracker For Tracking Keywords
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Profits Dashboard
  • ZonPPC Tool
  • ZonBase Academy
  • Listify AI

Pricing: There are two pricing options available on ZonBase. The standard plan costs $47/mo or $444/year. The legendary plan costs $97/mo or $804/year. It also comes with a 7-day free trial.

9. Unicorn Smasher: 

Unicorn Smasher is the Chrome Extension that helps you with product tracking so that you can choose the best product to sell with detailed bracket evidence. It is real-time online software that provides you with insight that what product to sell, the price, product trends, opportunity score, and many more. 

Unicorn Smasher Overview

Unicorn Smasher has an easy-to-operate dashboard for foolproof navigation immediately for data analytics which is comprehensive yet simply understandable. This platform is the best choice for everyone. With the help of this tool, you can uncover essential details in the Amazon United Kingdom and the Amazon United States marketplace. 

Key Features: 

  • Accurate Sales Estimate 
  • Comprehensive Data 
  • Opportunity Score 
  • Full Dashboard 
  • Export Tools 
  • AMZ Tracker Integration 
  • Variation Statistics 
  • Quick Links 
  • Revenue Estimates 
  • Discreet Sharing Tool 

Price: The base plan of Unicorn Smasher starts at $49.99 and goes up to $99. 

10. Semrush

We have saved the last for one of the best if not the best ‘Semrush’. Semrush is one of the best tool if not the best. You can also do your amazon keyword research. There are plenty of options so you can optimize your blog too.

Semrush Overview

Once you have your list of keywords you can use Keyword Magic Tool and get some additional keywords. Which you can also use to optimize the list. It comes up plenty of variety, search volume, CPC and much more. With this you can find the best keywords to boost your listing.

Key Features :

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Rank Tracking

Pricing : Pricing starts at 99.95 if paid annually and if paid monthly it will cost you $119.95. It also come up with a free trail plan for 7 days.

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Conclusion: The Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

So this is the handpicked list of best Jungle Scout alternatives list. All the alternatives listed above offer a complete set of features and have flexible pricing plans compared to Jungle Scout. 

If I have to pick the best alternatives to Jungle Scout — I will go with Helium 10. The reason is, Helium 10 offers a complete set of tools for Amazon sellers. Compared to Jungle Scout, Helium 10 even has way more features such as the PPC Automation tool and Amazon Index checker. What’s more, Helium 10 is affordable compared to Jungle Scout starting at $37/month. 

I hope this list helped you find at least one Jungle Scout alternatives.

So which tool are you gonna pick from our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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