How To Sell Clothes On Amazon In 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

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Looking forward to selling clothes on Amazon but don’t know How To Sell Clothes On Amazon? Well, it is a smart choice since only Amazon holds 34% of the apparel market shares.

Amazon Overview

Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest online retailer marketplace in the world. Currently, more than 9.7 million sellers are selling different products online and earning a hefty amount of money without much effort. Since most of the population buys products online, many biggest known brands run their online stores to sell and promote their clothes on Amazon. But there’s a lot of room for individual sellers and small businesses. 

In this post, I am going to share a detailed guide on how to sell clothes on Amazon. I have shared a few tips that you can follow to increase your sales and profit margin. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with How To Sell Clothes On Amazon.

How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

In order to sell clothes on Amazon, you will need to have an active Amazon Seller account. If you have an existing seller account, you can skip the account creation step. New sellers can follow step one to start from scratch. 

Step 1: Create an Amazon Seller Account: How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

To create a seller account, you need to register as a seller on While creating the account, you will need a few information and details:

Sr. No. Few Information and Details
1.Email Address
2.Bank Account Number
3.Active Credit Card
4.Government-Issued ID
5.Tax Information
6.Phone Number

You will also need to choose a subscription plan. Amazon offers two subscriptions: Individual and Professional. The Individual plan allows you to sell 40 or fewer items in a month at $0.99 per item sold. On the other hand, the Professional plan costs you $39.99/month, but there is no order limitation. You will also get access to advanced features with the Professional plan. 

How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

The Professional plan will be a better choice for the clothing business if you don’t want your store to limit to 40 items in a month. 

Step 2: Choose a Business Model: How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

Once you have created an Amazon Central account, you will need to choose a business model. It is a critical step and takes a lot of hours and resources to find one. To sell clothes on Amazon, you will find five business models. 

1. Private Label

You manufacture and sell clothes under your brand name as a private label seller. This business model requires a significant amount of investment for manufacturing and building brand awareness. 

2. Handmade 

The handmade option is best for individual sellers who sell handcrafted pieces of clothing on Amazon. People like fashion designers who want to sell limited edition pieces like one-piece suits, designer dresses, party wear, etc., can choose this option to sell on Amazon

3. Retail Arbitrage 

In this business model, sellers purchase approved clothing products at discounts from physical stores or other online retailers. Then you sell the same clothes under your brand name and at a higher price. However, Retail Arbitrage also requires a decent amount of investment before starting the clothing business. 

4. Wholesale 

In this business model, you purchase clothes from different brands in bulk and sell them under Amazon fulfillment facilities. Before selling wholesale, you might need to seek Amazon’s approval for every brand you’re going to sell. 

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping on Amazon is a unique business model that offers you effortless selling options to sell clothes. You don’t even need a lot of research—you can sell clothes on Amazon by sitting on your couch in your home. All you need to do is find a print-on-demand company where you can upload your designs and artworks to be printed on your clothes. Then you can promote your designed clothes on Amazon without worrying about inventory or shipping. 

Step 3: Select a Fulfillment Method: How To Sell Clothes On Amazon 

Now, you have to select a fulfillment method for future order placements and shipping. 

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) 

In this fulfillment method, Amazon takes care of your item storage, packaging, and shipping for an affordable price. All you have to do is ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers; after that, they will handle everything. 

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) 

This method is entirely the opposite of FBA. In FBM, you take full responsibility for order fulfillment. You have to gather your own resources for storage, packing, and shipping orders. However, you can avoid paying the fulfillment fee.

Merch by Amazon 

If you’re particularly interested in selling shirts and t-shirts, this might be an excellent opportunity. You don’t even need a single penny to go with this fulfillment method. You can sign up directly to “Merch by Amazon,” upload your artworks and designs and bargain your commissions. Every time someone purchases an item printed with your design, you will earn a solidly fixed commission with no additional charges. 

Merch By Amazon

After selecting a proper fulfillment, you will need to create a product listing. But you have to apply your listing to Amazon for approval. It may take a while before you get approved. 

Step 4: Create a Product Listing: How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

After getting approved by Amazon to list your clothing on the platform, you can create a proper product listing. While creating your product listing, you will need to add these details and information:

Create Amazon Listing

Product Identifiers:

In this section, you can add different product identifiers such as barcodes, labels, and SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). 

Pricing & Shipping Options:

In this section, select the shipping method you have decided to go with and the prices of each product you have added to the listing. 

The Number of Units/Items:

Mention the number of items you have in your inventory. 

Clothing Condition:

In this section, you have to mention your apparel’s condition, such as brand new, rental, used (open box, good or acceptable), and collectible. Don’t add damaged items, as they will get discarded by Amazon. 

Size Numbers:

Mention the size numbers (such as S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.) you have in your inventory. 

Product Description:

Add product title and detailed description. 

Product Images:

Upload authentic and high-quality images of the clothes you have listed. 

Step 5: Launch Your Store: How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

After adding the product listing, you can finally submit your store for a review. If all information is correct, your store will get launched within a few days. You will get a notification on your email or smartphone. 

If you already have a store and are adding clothes for selling as an additional item, you can skip this step.

Proven Tips for Successful Selling Clothes on Amazon : How To Sell Clothes On Amazon 

Selling apparel and clothes is very common on Amazon. Many sellers have already been selling for years and gained a loyal customer base. So if you’re going to sell clothes on Amazon for the first time, you might face a lot of competition. Here are some proven tips and strategies that you can follow to get successful sales within a short period of time. 

1. Do a Proper Market Research 

Before starting your store on Amazon, doing proper market research is crucial. You need to understand what you are going to sell and what are the chances of your success and profit. People usually find it difficult to find profitable apparel to sell on Amazon. That’s why most sellers use different eCommerce tool-suite to do the hard job for them. 

Helium 10 is one of the most recommended tools by top Amazon sellers. You can find every feature you need to grow your business, including the product research tool Black Box. With this tool, you can find profitable products to sell on Amazon. 

2. Optimize Your Product Listings with Proper Keywords 

Listing optimization is as important as selling products. A properly optimized product listing helps customers find your store easily. For product listing, finding keywords is a hell of a work. 

Usually, sellers play guesswork and prediction games to list keywords on Amazon. As a result, they put low search volume keywords and cost themselves low sales. Despite doing guesswork, you can use Helium 10’s Magnet and Cerebro tools to find thousands of high search volume keywords for your product listings within seconds. 

3. Write Solid Description & Use Authentic Product Images 

While writing the product description, sellers add one-liner or less-descriptive information. Your products must have been appropriately written with the benefits and features within 200 characters. Don’t forget to mention the material type, size, color, and other details of specific apparel. 

You must add high-quality and appealing images of a particular product. Make sure the item is not blurry and not hung on a hanger or something. Add 4-5 images from different angles or in different models or colors.

4. Promote & Market Your Products 

The clothing side of Amazon is so competitive that only optimization won’t help your store reach the search engine. In order to overcome this situation, you need to follow some marketing strategies.

  • Sponsor your products: Set PPC ad campaigns for your products on Amazon to make your product show at the top of the search results. You might need keyword research tools to find bidding keywords for ad campaigns. 
  • Partner with influencers: Partnering with famous influencers is a new trending way to promote products. You can contact influencers with a decent fan following, and they will promote your products through their content, and you get customers without much effort. 
  • Use email marketing: Email marketing is an effective way to gain customers and grow your sales. You can use the follow-up method to collect data (such as email addresses) from your visitors and approach them with different offers and availability based on what they are looking for. 
  • Offer discount coupons: You can offer deals and discount coupons on multiple occasions to increase your sales. 

Thrive for Customer Reviews 

60% of Amazon shoppers check honest customer feedback to decide whether to buy the product or not. If your product is genuine and offers better quality than others, you must do something to get more responses from your customers. In order to get more reviews, you can send your buyers a personalized review request email or newsletter. You can also add a product insert that asks for reviews after the delivery. You can also join Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program to get frequent customer reviews. 

Provide a Better Customer Service 

If you are an FBA seller, Amazon will provide standard customer service. If you’re an FBM seller, it is your responsibility to manage returns, solve issues and provide refunds. Providing customers with the best solutions is crucial for better reviews and returning customers. Make sure to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible to ensure they will return to buy from you again. 

Pros & Cons Of Selling Clothes On Amazon

Let’s take a look at the Pros 7 Cons of Selling Clothes on Amazon

  • It’s simple and easy to start selling on Amazon.
  • Amazon is growing on a bigger scale. you don’t need to do anything extraordinary in order to attract new customers.
  • You can start selling on Amazon as a side hustler.
  • Amazon charges 10-15% of every sale.
  • There’s a lot of competition, hard to gain trust.

Why Sell Clothes On Amazon? : How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

Being the world’s biggest marketplace, Amazon offers many opportunities for newcomers and entrepreneurs. Only US sellers earned more than $43 billion by selling apparel on Amazon in 2021. The numbers are still increasing day by day, and sellers are making a hefty income just by selling only shirts and t-shirts. 

More than 200 million shoppers purchase different products from Amazon every month. And 43% of them come just to buy clothes. With such a vast database, you can also create an opportunity to generate passive income by selling clothes on Amazon. Selling clothes does not require a lot of investments, so anyone can try their luck on Amazon with minimum risks. 

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Conclusion: How To Sell Clothes On Amazon(2023)  

So this is how you can sell clothes on Amazon without much effort. If you are thinking about getting rich quickly by selling on Amazon, you are probably guessing wrong. You can find multiple earning opportunities on Amazon, but the chances of quick success are very low due to its suffocated competition. So you have to be prepared to face all these things. 

However, you can use popular eCommerce tool suites such as Helium 10 and Jungle Scout to avoid such situations. On these platforms, you can find tools that will help you find high-volume and low-competitive apparels to sell on Amazon. They will also help you get optimized results with their sophisticated AI technology. I hope this article helped you on How To Sell Clothes On Amazon. Feel free to comment if you have any doubt or a question.

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