Helium 10 vs Viral Launch 2023: Which Is The Best For You?

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Still, figuring out between Helium 10 vs Viral Launch? Well, you landed on the right page to clear all your doubts.

Every Amazon seller is familiar with Helium 10 and Viral Launch. Both of these tools have robust features to offer. There are still many alternatives available but these two tools are the best Amazon sellers tools available.

Some claim that both of these tools offer similar features but I’ve used both of them extensively. To clear this confusion, I’ve compared both of these tools on various parameters.

In this post, I’ve featured a comparison of Helium 10 and Viral Launch on the basis of their data accuracy, ease of use, resources, pricing, and so on.

I am sure by the end of this post all your doubts will be cleared. So stick with me till the end to know everything about these amazing tools.

Let’s deep dive into Helium 10 vs Viral Launch.

Helium 10 and Viral Launch: The Key Differences

Helium 10 and Viral Launch both tools have a lot of similarities but they have some significant differences as well. Both of these tools offer product research tools for finding the right products for you, they also offer resources to learn the FBA business. Their key differences are:

  • If you want to use both of these tools for free then you’re in luck. Because Viral Launch offers a 14-day free trial to their users whereas Helium 10 has a free plan with very limited features.
  • Want to protect your inventory from malicious coupon websites and competitors, then Helium 10 has got your back with their inventory protector tool. There is no tool like this available on the Viral Launch.
  • Viral Launch offers a split-testing tool that helps you in finding the right products and optimizing your listings. There is no such tool available Helium 10.
  • The refund genie tool of Helium 10 helps you in calculating how much refund is due whereas Viral Launch does not offer any such tool.

These tools still have a lot of differences but these are the key differences among these tools. Let’s discuss Helium 10 vs Viral Launch in detail.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Data Accuracy Comparison?

Getting accurate data is the key to finding the best products. Every Amazon seller wants to reduce the margin of error to get the best results. Let’s see which tool is much more accurate than the other.

Helium 10 Data Accuracy

To get detailed insights into Helium 10, I suggest checking my in-depth Helium 10 review here.

After conducting a thorough research Jungle Scout has released a chart of many Amazon Seller tools based on their data accuracy. It was found that Helium 10 has an accuracy of 74%. I’ve used Helium 10 and I can verify that this number is exact. Most of the times Helium 10 showed the exact results which helped me a lot but the margin of the error is 26%. To check out the data accuracy chart refer to the screenshot below.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch - Data Accuracy

Viral Launch Data Accuracy

To get detailed insights into Viral Launch, I suggest checking my in-depth Viral Launch review here.

In the above screenshot, it is shown that Viral Launch has an accuracy of 79.3%. After Jungle Scout, Viral Launch is the most accurate Amazon FBA tool. You can trust this tool more than Helium 10. But still, this tool can get the data wrong and that is a very rare case. The margin of error percentage is 20.7%. Other than that this tool is really more reliable than most of the tools.

Verdict: It is clear that Viral Launch is much more accurate than Helium 10. Though Viral Launch is more accurate still there is still room for error so keep that in mind as well.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Ease of Use

I used both of these tools seamlessly and I haven’t faced any difficulty at all. I was a beginner when I started doing my A/B testing between these two tools. Both Helium 10 and Viral Launch was up to the mark. Now to showcase you guys I am going to compare Helium 10’s Black box tool with Viral Launch’s Product Discovery tool. Let’s begin.

Helium 10: Interface & Ease of Use

Like I told you above Helium 10 is viable for both beginners and experts. Now let’s take a look at what the Black box tool can do.

To start using the Black box tool, just click on it from the Helium 10’s dashboard. Once you open the tool it will look something like this.

Helium 10 - Black Box

From the above screenshot, you can see all the options are available on the screen but it can get a little confusing if you don’t even know about the FBA business at all. To get the desired data, you can use many filters and options given on the screen.

Go to the filter section, select the filters and conduct your search to see the desired results. You can also see the advanced view by just clicking on the filter tab.

There are a lot of filters to use as the date of release of the product, annual sales, how many units sold last, price range, and much more. Play around with these filters to see which product will be the best for you.

You can also see the graphical representation of the data just like shown in the below screenshot.

Helium 10 -  Filter

Viral Launch: Interface & Ease of Use

Finding a tool that has an easy-to-navigate interface is a blessing and I am happy that Viral Launch is one of them. Now let’s take a look at what Viral Launch’s Product Discovery tool can do.

Viral Launch - Product Discovery

To get started, just access the tool from Viral Launch’s dashboard and it will look something like this.

Viral Launch is good at providing macro details of all the products. To narrow your search, it also offers different filters option. These filters can be used to find out the desired data of different products. Some of the filters are review changes, initial investment costs, a pattern of sales, and so on.

Viral Launch - Amazon Seller

Using these filters gives you an upper hand over your competitors. You can use the given data to find the best products. The product discovery tool also gives detailed metrics such as prices, reviews, sellers, monthly sales, and much more. Once you open a product, it will show you data such as seasonal sales, market trends, product score, pricing, and so on.

Viral Launch - Filter

There is no graphical representation available on Viral Launch such as available on Helium 10. But its data is much more accurate than Helium 10 which we already established in the above section.

Verdict: The working of Black Box and Product Discovery is nearly similar. They also have similar filters but there is one difference and that is a graphical representation that only Helium 10 provides.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Features Compared

Features are the key to selecting the right tool. Many tools offer many features but are all of those features viable for you? That’s what I am going to show with this features comparison table.

Features                 Helium 10            Viral Launch
Key Research   YesYes
Product Research YesYes
Opportunity Score     No Partial
Inventory Management   Partial No
Product Split Testing     No Yes
PPC Pricing Tool & Reporting No Yes
Request Reviews in One Click Yes No
PPC Automation Tool     YesYes
PPC Customer Support & TrainingNo Yes
Product Tracking    PartialNo
Listing Builder  No Partial
Product promotions & Discount NoYes
Historical Data Analysis   NoYes
Mobile App  YesNo
Helium 10 vs Viral Launch Features Comparison Tables

Verdict: With the above comparison table you can see that both of these tools offer similar and different features. Now you might be wondering which one is the best on the basis of features, well that might be tough to answer. Because both of these tools have their own capability.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Pricing Plans Comparison

Now the most important question every Amazon seller has is which one is more affordable. To answer this question, I’ve compared the pricing plans of both of these tools in detail. Let’s take a look at them.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans Reviewed

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Basically, Helium 10 has 5 different pricing plans and one of them is a free plan. The free plan has no validity at all. That means if you want to use Helium 10 before buying then the free plan is the viable choice.

Helium10 Pricing

Other than the free plan, there is a starter plan which is good for those who don’t even know about the FBA business. This plan costs $39/month and it has only the training resources so this plan might not be viable for you as Amazon Seller. The other 3 plans are:

1. Platinum Plan Helium 10 : The Platinum plan has monthly pricing of $99/month and a yearly pricing of $970/year. That means you get 3 months for free with the annual plan. This plan is the best choice for beginners because it offers all the required features such as keyword tracker, Index Checker, Alerts, and so on.

2. Diamond Plan Helium 10 : The Diamond plan has monthly pricing of $249/month and yearly pricing of $1970/year. A 3-month free offer is also available with this plan. Along with all the features of the Platinum plan, it offers access to Atomic, more than one user login, 4 different seller central accounts, more than 15k/monthly follow-up emails, and so on.

3. Elite Plan Helium 10 : The monthly pricing of the Elite plan is $279/month. There are no details available of the yearly version of this plan on the website. Along with all the robust features of the Diamond plan, this plan offers access to a private Facebook group, you can get training with industry experts live, and in-person quarterly workshops as well.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Yes, I have listed some of the working Viral Launch coupon codes to help you save a few extra bucks.

Viral Launch has only 3 pricing and all of them offer different features. Let’s take a look at Viral Launch’s pricing plans:

 Viral Launch - Pricing

1. Viral Launch Essentials Plan:

The Essentials plan has monthly pricing of $69/month and yearly pricing of $58/month. You can get two months for free with the annual plan. Start your FBA journey with the Essentials plan because it offers all the basic features related to product research. Along with that, you can get global data, browser search extensions, and so on.

2. Viral Launch Pro Plan:

The Pro Plan has monthly pricing of $99/month and yearly pricing of $83/month. This plan is amazing for growing Amazon sellers. It has all the features of the Essential plan and it also offers features like competitor monitoring, rank tracking & alerts, detailed metrics, and so on.

3. Viral Launch Pro Plus Ads Plan:

The Pro Plus Ads plan has monthly pricing of $199/month and yearly pricing of $166/month. If you’re an expert Amazon Seller then I would recommend you to go with this plan. Along with all the features of the Pro plan, it offers PPC keyword tracking, customizing and creating your own automation, detailed advertising analytics & data, and so on.

Verdict: It is clear that in terms of affordability Viral Launch excels over Helium 10. Along with that Viral Launch is better for beginners. But Helium 10 offers more robust features than Viral Launch.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Resources & Customer Support

Learning resources and customer support are the two aspects that every Amazon seller requires. But who has more resources and better customer support services is the real question. Let me answer it for you.

Helium 10: Resources and Support

The customer support services of helium 10 are available 24/7. You can contact them via mail, or by generating a ticket. They reply within 24 hours. They have already an FAQs section available where you can get most of your queries solved. If not, then contact them directly to get a solution for your problems.

Helium 10 is also known for offering one of the best Amazon FBA courses — Freedom Ticket. This course has all the resources you will need to become an expert Amazon seller.

Viral Launch: Resources and Support

Viral Launch offers similar customer support services such as Helium 10. You can contact their customer support representatives 24*7. Just any question you want to ask via mail or call. They will give a response as soon as possible.

Viral Launch has two courses as resources that can help you in growing your FBA business exponentially.

Verdict: Both Viral Launch and Helium 10 offer amazing customer support service and resources. But the Freedom Ticket course of Helium 10 has much better resources.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Chrome Extension

Let’s compare both Chrome Extensions

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

It is a powerful collection of 5 tools that will help you get accurate data while you browse Amazon. Helium 10 will help you get the winning product and would help you scale your business to new level. With Helium 10 you will be able to gain insights, review the data, FBA Fees, inventory and much more. Helium 10 is a trusted extension with over 1,000,000 Walmart & FBA sellers.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

To keep track of data, various other insights, and analytics Viral Launch got you all covered. This extension can be used by both types of buyers, beginners & experts. You can use some of their tools in your browser its includes tools such as Market Intelligence Chrome Extension. This will provide great insights for your business.

Features of Viral Launch Chrome Extension

  • Product Discovery
  • Keyword Research
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Competitor Intelligence

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Testimonials

Since I’ve already used both of these tools so I can tell both of them are good but it is always good to hear from other people.

Helium 10 Testimonials

Let’s take a look at what people are saying about Helium 10:

Brock Jhonson Helium 10 Testimonials

Helium 10 has the largest dataset of products and keywords, making it my #1
a favorite tool for Product & Keyword Research. Wait! It gets better! They update
and add new tools all the time! Have a problem? Suggest it, and they will add it
in or fix it, if possible. I highly suggest you check out these awesome tools.
Helium 10 has paid for itself over 10x. I have gotten over $16,000 back with
Refund Genie.

Brock Johnson

Brock Johnson YouTube Channel

Viral Launch Testimonials

Now let’s take a look at what users are saying about Viral Launch:

liran bw

The Viral Launch suite of tools has been a game-changer for brands selling on Amazon. I use the tools on a daily basis to make data-driven decisions in my business and clients’ businesses… from finding the best products to target in ads, to finding opportunities in my keyword research, to discovering new products, and evaluating competitors, the software suite gives me everything I need to get an edge. ”

Liran Hirschkorn

Amazing Freedom

Final Verdict: Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

I’ve compared both of these tools on various parameters. Both of these tools are good. There is no clear choice here.

It all comes down to your requirements. Viral Launch is expensive whereas Helium 10 one-stop suite of tools for Amazon sellers. If I have to choose, I would go with Helium 10 because it offers way more value than Viral Launch.

Now it is up to you to choose between these tools. Let me know which one are you going to choose in the comment section below. I hope this detailed comparison of Helium 10 vs Viral Launch suits your purpose well.

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FAQs : Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

Can I use Helium 10 and Viral Launch for free?

Yes, you can use both Helium 10 and Viral Launch for free. Helium 10 offers a free forever plan with very limited access to its tools, whereas Viral Launch comes with a 14-day free trial of their plans.

Which tool offers better data accuracy — Helium 10 or Viral Launch?

Viral Launch has better data accuracy than Helium 10, and its data accuracy percentage is 79.3% whereas Helium 10’s data accuracy is only 74%.

Do Viral Launch and Helium 10 offer Chrome Extensions?

Yes, both Viral Launch and Helium 10 offer Chrome Extensions. Viral Launch’s Chrome Extension is called Market Intelligence, whereas Helium 10’s Chrome Extension is called X-Ray, and you can use both of them to do product research on the go.

Is there an alternative to Helium 10 and Viral Launch?

The perfect alternative to Helium 10 and Viral Launch is Jungle Scout because it is the best tool for beginners to start their Amazon seller journey, and it is much more affordable than both of them.

Which tool is affordable — Helium 10 or Viral Launch?

Helium 10 is much more affordable than Viral Launch because its basic plan starts at $39/mo, whereas Viral Launch’s basic plan starts at $69/mo.

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