Helium 10 Review 2023: Is It The Best Amazon Seller Tool?

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On the fence about choosing Helium 10? Well, this Helium 10 review has all the answers to your question. 

No doubt, Helium 10 is a robust suite of tools for Amazon FBA sellers. From product research to listing optimization to automation email follow-ups — Helium 10 has got your back. 

In this detailed Helium 10 review, I have broken it down into various aspects. I’ll review all the modules and tools of Helium 10, its chrome extension, ease of use, pricing, support & documentation, alternatives, and so on. 

Without further ado let’s get started with Helium 10 Review. 

Helium 10 Review: In a Nutshell

The time I searched, for Helium 10, I got some impressive results on Google. 

Well Helium 10 markets itself as — Helium 10 is everything you need to sell on Amazon

Kind of One Stop Solution for Amazon Seller. 

Is It Live Up to the HYPE?

As per my experience, being a Helium 10 user for 23 months — It is worth the hype?

When I got started with Helium 10 I found out, that the tools and modules are built for everyone. I mean no matter you’re a beginner, or an advanced Amazon seller, Helium 10 has everything to help you succeed as an Amazon seller. 

What Helium 10 helps with? – Helium 10 Review

Once you get started with Helium 10, the tools help you with various aspects listed below:

  • Amazon Niche Selection
  • Proper keyword research
  • Finding profitable products to sell
  • Competitor Research 
  • Listing Optimization
  • Inventory protection
  • Refund Management
  • Email Automation
  • Sales Analytics 
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Amazon Index Monitoring 
  • Amazon PPC Management

Now you might be wondering, how I’m gonna make use of these features of Helium 10. Well, for that Helium 10 also has an in-depth resources section to help you master these features and tools really easily.

Who is Helium 10 best suited to? – Helium 10 Review

Well, Helium 10 is built for everyone, from beginner, and intermediate to advanced and established Amazon sellers

The interface and ease of use of Helium 10 is built for every kind of Amazon Sellers. As an Amazon seller, it will eliminate all the guesswork and help you get the right data and metrics easily. 

Within the dashboard, you will find all the tools that it offers — you easily get access to every piece of data you need to grow and scale as an Amazon Seller. 

Helium 10 Features Reviewed (Explained)

In this section, I’ll walk you through the dashboard and interface of Helium 10. By the end of this section, you will have a clear idea of what this tool got to offer and its ease of use. 

I have divided all the modules of Helium 10 and covered them separately. Make sure to go through them to get an idea — of what it’s like to use the tools of Helium 10. So let’s dive in. 

Helium 10: Product Research | Finding Winning Products

  • Chrome Extension — Product Validator

Helium 10 chrome extension allows you to carry out instant product research from the browser itself. 

The Helium 10 chrome extension gives you flagship tools that come with over 450 million ASINs to find the next profitable product. You can carry our valuable product research on the go using Helium 10 chrome extension. 

Helium 10 Review - Profitable Product

The chrome extension provides various metrics such as — Demand Analyzer, Supplier Finder, Sales Estimator, Reviews Insights, ASIN grabber, Inventory Level, and Profitability Calculator. 

  • Black Box — Amazon Product Research

I found this tool helpful for finding profitable products in an easy way. The advanced filters of this tool help me filter through thousands of products easily. Yes, Black Box has one of the best product research modules available out there.

Helium 10 - Black Box

The interface is easy, to carry out the product research, you can select from different categories of the products and use various filters such as — monthly revenue, price, review count, review rating, etc. You can also make use of advanced filters such as — sales year over year, price changes, sales change, and so on. 

After filtering the products you can then move to other features to scrape keywords, find competitors for that product, and do the product targeting as well. 

  • Trendster — Amazon Trends Finder

I found this product useful to find the trends of any product you want to sell. 

To use this module, you need to install the chrome extension of Helium 10 first. After that you can just enter the ASIN of the products you’re looking to sell, you can also enter two or three keywords. 

Helium 10 - Trendster

Once you click on the start Trendster, you will see sales trends in an intuitive interface. This helps you analyze your product’s seasonal demand and helps you get better insights into the performance of the product. 

My List — Products (Save Your Product Ideas)

Using this feature you can easily save the product ideas for later. Once you add products to this list you will be able to see — sellers, price, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. 

You can save your products and keywords in the My List tool. What’s more, you have the option to download the CSV of your product list and keywords. 

Helium 10 - Product List

This feature is really helpful for me while I was carrying out the product research. 

Helium 10: Keywords Research | Find Profitable Keywords 

Using the keyword research module of Helium 10, you can easily carry out the Amazon and Walmart keyword research in an easy way. Indeed Helium 10 has one of the best keyword research tools available.

I found it useful because the interface was easy, and the filter options were good. The best part, you can even do the keyword research using the — reverse ASIN checker and the misspelling checker. 

Cerebro — Reverse ASIN Checker

Cerebro is the most powerful module of Helium 10, well, and it lived up to the hype. 

While using this module, I was amazed when I found I can enter up to like 10 product ASINs to carry out the research. 

Helium 10 - Reverse ASIN Checker

Using this tool you can easily uncover your competitor’s keyword ranking strategy to improve your own listing.

Magnet — Keyword Research

Helium 10s’ magnet helps you do keyword research by adding words and phrases. I wasn’t sure about this tool, but when I entered few phrases I get to know how powerful this tool was. 

I already had a list of keywords, so I uploaded my keywords list directly there and save time.

Helium 10 - Keyword Research

Note: The Magnet keyword research is powerful and shows useful metrics for the keyword you enter. 

It also shows key phrases, magnet IQ scores, search volume, sponsored ASINS, and so on. 

Helium 10 - Key Phrases

You can select the keywords from there and add them to your list directly. I have found this tool useful while carrying out keyword research. 

Misspellinator — Misspelling Checker

This is a real goldmine way to find misspelled keyword extractors. Well using this tool you can easily extract commonly misspelled Amazon keywords. 

To use this tool you need to enter the original keywords to find the misspelled keywords. You can even enter the common words and click on the “prepare” button. After that you need to just click on the “Find Misspelling” and it will show you misspelled keywords easily. 

Helium 10-  Misspelling checker

You can just even export the misspelled keywords into Frankenstein directly. 

Listing Optimization: Optimize Your Product Listing

The listing optimization module of Helium 10 helps you manage all your product listings easily. 

I’ll walk through each of the tools of the Listing Optimization module. 

Frankenstein — Keyword Processor

While using Frankenstein I found it pretty useful to filter out a long list of keywords — to keep the valuable keywords. 

Well, you can easily use this tool to filter around thousands of keywords in seconds. To get started you need to input the list of keywords you have, or even you can directly upload it from your — Helium 10 My List. 

Helium 10 - Keyword Processor

No matter whether you have hundreds or thousands of keywords, Frankenstein helps you filter the keywords list to find reliable ones. There are various filter options to choose from, play around with the filters to get the most accurate result. 

Scribbles — Listing Optimizer

Scribbles is another tool that helps you optimize your listing easily. With a click of a button, you can make sure that your listing is optimized with proper keywords. 

This tool comes in handy for creating a super optimized listing with proper keywords and search terms. It also includes convenient features to make the listing optimization more hassle-free. 

Helium 10 -  Scribbles

From the tool itself, you can add a title to your products, add relevant bullet points, write a proper description and even search terms. 

Index Checker — Keyword Index Checker

Initially, when I added 20 products and keywords to my listing, I was unable to index them to the Amazon search. That means I have added the keywords to the listing but they weren’t showing up in the search result. 

When I used the Index Checker of Helium 10 I was able to index all the keywords listing in one go — instantly. This helped me ditch the manual time-consuming process of indexing keywords. 

What’s more, the Index checker tool even allows you to find out bad keywords that are basically impacting your listing negatively. Overall, this tool comes in real handy for indexing keywords on the go. 

Listing Analyzer — Analyze Product Listing 

The Listing Analyzer module helps you research up to 10 Amazon product listings to ensure how well they are optimized. You can make use of this module to easily see the quality of your and your competitors’ listing. 

Helium 10 -  Listing Analyzer

To get started, all you need is to enter the product ASIN or URL and then click on the “Analyze” button. Now you will get valuable data and insights on the quality of your listing. 

Helium 10 - Analyze Button

Operations: Managing Your Amazon Listings – Helium 10 Review

The Operations module of Helium 10 allows you to manage your Amazon listing easily without any hassle. 

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module of Helium 10 helps you to manage inventory in an easy way. With this tool, you easily take care of heavy lifting. The Inventory Module comes with an automated restock and transfer recommendations PO management. All this to ensure that your products are in stock always. 

Helium 10 - Inventory Management

Well, you can connect to Amazon Seller Central and it will manage the rest. This is how it works — Connect to Seller Central >> Automate Your Inventory >> Manage Your Supply Chain. 

Note: This feature is only available for North American Marketplaces. 

Refund Genie — Reimbursement Assistance

Initially, it was tough for me to manage the FBA reimbursement process for all the lost or damaged inventory. However, it becomes snappy to manage the FBA reimbursement with Refund Genie. 

Note: This tool requires a working MWS API access token. 

Once you connect MWS API Token you will be able to access the tool. The tool will analyze all your previous reimbursement along with what current Amazon seller refunds are owed to you. 

What’s more. You can even copy and paste pre-written messages that you can send along with your Amazon seller reimbursement requests. 

Alerts — Hijacker & Product Monitoring 

Amazon marketplace is filled with too malicious attempts. Using the Alerts modules, you can easily monitor all your ASINs and easily alert you when another seller tries to sell counterfeits of your products. This notifies you if someone tries to usurp your brand authority. 

Helium 10 - Product Monitoring

The interface of this tool is pretty much the same as the previous one. You can just protect your Amazon listing from one easy-to-use dashboard. The tool enables you to surveillance up to 1000 ASINs with the Elite plan of Jungle Scout. 

Inventory Protector — Coupon Abuse Prevention 

I found this module helpful while launching new products. When I launched a few new products my competitor and even coupon stacker tried to wipe out the entire inventory.

Helium 10 -  Inventory Protector

However, thanks to Inventory Protector helped me to protect my inventory. Using this tool you easily set the maximum order quantity of your product, and protect your inventory. 

What’s more, it has a simple dashboard that organized all your ASINs and protects your products from being oversold with just a few clicks. 

Follow-up — Email Automations 

Follow-up is by far my favorite feature of Helium 10. This tool automated the workflow or created a stellar Amazon customer experience. To get started you need to connect your Seller Central Account to Helium 10. 

Helium 10 -  Email Automation

This tool also comes with fully customized email templates or to create a custom email body. What’s more, you can also leverage Amazon tags to dynamically add information like Order ID, products name, and other stuff.

Helium 10 - Order ID

After that you can set up an automated workflow by adding a triggering event like Order Shipped, Delivered, Refunded, and Returned. Even you can add filters to add more curated content based on marketplace channels, SKU, ASIN, and repeat buyers and discounts. 

Using the follow-up module you can easily request a review and set everything automated. This tool was really helpful for me to increase my product review counts on an automated basis. 

Mobile App — Manage Everything On The Go

Helium 10 has recently launched a fully-fledged mobile application. Using the Helium 10 application you can easily manage everything on the go like doing research, adding new products, making last-minute listing changes, and whatnot.

Everything at your fingertips — profits, alerts, instant notifications, PPC data on the go, and so on. Helium 10 app is available on — App Store and Google Play store. 

Analytics: Analyzing & Tracking Performance – Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Analytics module helps you analyze and track the performance of your products listing. I’m going to go through all the tools of the Analytics module and give you a walkthrough. 

Profits — Financial Analytics

The Profits tool helps you see the analytics for Amazon and Walmart accounts in one streamlined place. See everything all together in one place and measure the profitability at a glance. 

Using the Profits tool you can analyze — gross revenue and net profit, sales trends, performance matrix, inventory management, and so on. 

Market Tracker — Competitor Intelligence

Personally, I found this tool helpful. The Market Tracker is a robust tool in the Analytics module of Helium 10. This tool helps you understand the competitive intelligence of your competitors. 

Helium 10 - Market Tracker

Using this tool you can even create your own targeted markets with pinpoint accuracy. You can go beyond tracking just a few products or keywords, all rankings, and insights in one simple streamlined dashboard. 

Keyword Tracker — Keyword Rank Tracking

As the name suggests this module of Helium 10 allows you to track and monitor the performance of your Amazon product rankings. The best part, using the keyword tracker you can track organic and sponsored positions of your keywords. 

Helium 10 - Keyword Tracker

It comes with a Rocket Booster feature that allows you to see more granular position tracking just by checking product rankings data for “Boosted” keywords. 

Even you can easily see instant history using this Keyword tracker to stay always on the top of the game. 

Marketing: (Amazon PPC Module ) – Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 has recently launched the robust Amazon Advertising platform that is designed to maximize the ROI. 

To be honest, this feature has been launched recently so I wasn’t able to test and try it out. However, I have gone through the complete module on my Helium 10 tool. 

  • Adtomic — Amazon Advertising Platform

The adtomic is a robust turbocharged Amazon advertising platform that comes with all the PPC tools you need. Using this tool you will get a clear picture of your PPC data. 

Helium 10 - Adtomic

The tool even provides you with valuable data and insights such as Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS). Whats’ more, Adtomic comes with advanced automation that makes this tool even more flexible. 

Finance: Newly Introduced Feature – Helium 10 Review

Alta a newly launched module of Helium 10 — financial services designed for e-Commerce only. With this module, you can easily take control of your financial solution at any time. 

You can easily get instant credit up to $5,000,000 in capital right with rapid approval credit lines on the marketplace performance. 

You can even receive Amazon payments daily instead of every two weeks. Even you can pay suppliers worldwide in over 200 countries. On top of that, it also helps you with taxes — VAT & GST services. 

Helium 10 Review: Seller Assistant 

Last year Helium 10 added a new feature called seller assistant. This a browser extension that quickly requests reviews from all the sale pages from the past 30 days. You just need to download this extension and give permission and click on the Order tab on your seller central dashboard. There you will get the button “request review on this page” hit this button and let handle all things to this extension. 

Seller Assistant

This tool will help you to boost your ranking and get more sales within a click of a button. Without this tool, you need to do a manual review request for every sale, which takes lots of time and effort. But using this tool, you will do all these things easily. 

Helium 10 Pricing Plan – Helium 10 Review

Yes, I have also listed some of the working Helium 10 coupon codes, you can get a flat 50% discount right away.

Helium 10 comes with flexible pricing options that are affordable compared to other tools. It even comes with a free version, however, the Helium 10 free version comes with a limited set of features and tools. 

Let me explain the current pricing structure of Helium 10. Here are the premium plans of Helium 10. 

Note: We have tied hands with Helium 10, when you use our exclusive discount link, you will get up to 50% OFF On Helium 10 right away. What’s more, if you choose to pay yearly, you can easily get up to three months free. 

Starter ($37/month) — Suited for Beginners

The plan comes with all the tools and training modules that you need to get started as an Amazon seller. What’s more, the plan includes full access to Xray and limited access to the rest of the Helium 10 tool suite. 

Note: This Plan also includes Freedom Ticket Amazon Training Value $997

Platinum ($97/month) — Suited for Growing Amazon Sellers

The platinum plan of Helium 10 is the most popular plan, it comes with all the essential tools for helping your scale your growing business. You will get a full-single user license and it comes with:

  • Index Checker (150 uses/month), 
  • keyword tracker (2500 keywords/month). 
  • Alerts (300 ASINs/month)
  • Follow-up (5000 emails/month)

Note: This Plan also includes Freedom Ticket Amazon Training Value $997

Diamond ($249/month) — Suited for Established Amazon Sellers 

The Diamond plan is tailored for established Amazon sellers it has all the basic and advanced features. This plan includes everything in the plus plan, plus you will also get access to:

  • Multi-User login 
  • Index checker: 300 uses/month
  • keyword tracker (5000 keywords/month). 
  • Alerts (600 ASINs/month)
  • Follow-up (15000 emails/month)
  • 4 Seller Central Account Connections
  • Inventory Management Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited use of Walmart Marketplace tools

Note: This Plan also includes Freedom Ticket Amazon Training Value $997. Also backed with 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Elite Plan ($397/month) — Tailored Solution for Advanced Sellers

This plan is well-tailored to Advanced sellers looking to scale rapidly. This plan has everything in the Diamond plan. You will also get quarterly in-person workshops, live monthly online training with industry experts. 

Note: You will also get access to a private Elite Facebook Group and also get access to Freedom Ticket Amazon training. 

Which Plan Is Best For You? – Helium 10 Review

I have already explained that while reviewing the pricing plans of Helium 10. 

Still, if you’re unable to figure out which plan is best suited to you, — I would say see your requirements first. Because every Amazon seller case is different, it depends on your business model and where you’re in your Amazon seller journey. 

Try checking our Helium 10 pricing review again and you’ll get to know which plan is best for you. 

Freedom Ticket | Helium 10 Fully Fledged CourseHelium 10 Review

Freedom Ticket is a popular course for Amazon sellers. In this course, the instructors cover everything you will need to starts and grow as an Amazon seller. The best part is that Helium covers the cost of FREEDOM TICKET with Platinum, Diamond, and Elite subscriptions. No doubt, Freedom Ticket is one of the best Amazon FBA courses available on the internet.  

Helium 10 - Freedom Ticket

Helium 10 Support & Resources – Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 provides industry-leading customer support. Well, you’re backed with 24/7 customer support and the team is ready to help you out. In addition to the customer support, Helium 10 has a huge library of resources from — webinars, podcasts, beginner PPC courses, Academy, Freedom Ticket FBA Course, and so on. 

All these libraries of resources are available for you to excel as an Amazon seller. All you need to explore the library of Helium 10 and consume all that you can. 

As per my experience as an Amazon seller, Helium 10 by far has the best available resources. When compared to its competitor Jungle Scout, it also has a vast library of resources, however, Helium 10 has more in-depth information.

Helium 10 Pros & ConsHelium 10 Review

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using Helium 10.


  • All the premium plans of Helium 10 come with an amazing training course called Freedom Ticket which can help you become a better Amazon seller.
  • Helium 10 offers access to over 20 tools that can be used for keyword research, product research, marketing & selling the products.
  • The base plan of Helium 10 is free of cost which gives you access to almost all the tools of Helium 10 with limited access.
  • You can use the Helium 10 chrome extension for free and do product research on the go.
  • With Helium 10’s most expensive plan, you will get live workshops and insights from successful Amazon sellers.


  • The most affordable plan of Helium 10 does not give you everything to start selling on Amazon right away.
  • To get multiple users on your account, you need to buy the Diamond plan which costs $249/mo.
  • The customer support of Helium 10 is not as good as they claim it to be.

Helium 10 Alternatives & Competitors – Helium 10 Review

There are two head-to-head competitors of Helium and those are — Viral Launch and Jungle Scout

Well, I have already created a handpicked list of the best Helium 10 alternatives available out there.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another fully-fledged Amazon seller tool with somewhat similar features to Helium 10. It’s powerful and has robust modules and tools available, however, it doesn’t come — with Amazon PPC Advertising tools like Helium 10. 

Note: You can check our detailed Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout comparison here. 

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a reliable Amazon seller tool that provides a robust set of Amazon seller tools. It provides reliable and accurate data and metrics when you do research and other things. However, Helium 10 has a more complete set of features. 

Note: You can check our detailed Helium 10 vs Viral Launch comparison here.

Helium 10 Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Don’t take my words for Helium 10, just hear what the customer got to say about Helium 10. 

Helium 10 Reviews on TrustPilot: 

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5.

Reviews: It has around 97 reviews on Trustpilot.

Helium 10 reviews on trustpilot
Helium 10 Reviews & Testimonials

Other Customer Reviews on Helium 10: 

Helium 10 - Customer Review

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Conclusion: Helium 10 Review 2023

To sum it up, I can say Helium 10 is worth the hype. As it comes with all essential and advanced features you need to excel as an Amazon seller. No matter whether you’re a beginner, growing, or an advanced Amazon seller — Helium 10 is the one-stop solution for you. 

In addition to these robust tools and features, Helium 10 also comes with in-depth resources and training materials. The beauty of this Helium 10, also comes with the Freedom Ticket Amazon course with every plan it offers. Other than that there are plenty of resources and guides available to help you master the Helium 10 tools and modules. 

At last, as an Elite Plan user of Helium 10 I would say — go for it, don’t hold back. Somehow if you don’t like the tools and modules of Helium 10 — it backs your 10-day money-back guarantee. 

I hope this in-depth Helium 10 review helped you get detailed insights into this platform. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

FAQs On Helium 10 Reviews

Which one is better — Helium 10 or Jungle Scout?

Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are reliable Amazon seller tools with some robust tools and features. Jungle Scout excels when it comes to data accuracy and Helium 10 excels as an all-in-one Amazon seller tool. 

Who owns Helium 10?

Helium 10 is acquired by the Assembly, and its the parent organization of Helium 10.

Are they any Helium 10 free trials available?

No Helium 10 doesn’t come with any free trial. However, it has a fully-fledged free version with a limited set of features.

Which Amazon marketplace is supported by Helium 10?

Helium 10 supports all the Amazon marketplaces so you don’t need to worry about that. 

Does Helium 10s’ freedom ticket require a separate purchase?

No, the freedom ticket costs are covered with the Platinum, Diamond, and the Elite plan of Helium. If you’re not a subscriber of these plans you need to pay $997 for standalone access. 

Is there any money-back guarantee with Helium 10 plans?

Yes, Helium 10 comes with 30 day money-back guarantee.

Is there any available Helium 10 discount or coupon codes?

Yes, using our FBA Daddys’ exclusive Helium 10 Discount coupon you can easily get 50% on Helium 10 plans right away.

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