10+ Best Products To Sell Online In 2023 (Different Categories)

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Launching an e-commerce venture can be difficult due to the high level of competition, customers’ demands for fair pricing, top-notch product quality, and excellent support. Nevertheless, it is feasible to succeed with the right product and marketing plan. When selecting a product, it is essential to consider elements such as affordable cost, distinctiveness, and profitability potential.

In order to effectively compete in the e-commerce market, choosing a product that has a high demand and is simple to market while also providing a sufficient return to keep your business afloat during the initial stages is essential. This article will explore some of the top products to sell online. Let’s get going.

What Are The Best Products to Sell Online in 2023?

It may seem like smartphones, accessories, clothes, and other similar items are always in style, making them easy to sell. However, the truth is far from it. Although these products are often at the forefront of trend lists, competing with established brands and sellers already in the market can be challenging.

Here is a list of the top 10 products to sell online based on factors such as price, popularity, and ease of sale.

1. Wireless Chargers

With the advancements in wireless technology, the use of wireless devices has drastically increased. Wireless chargers are a prime example of it. Nowadays, manufacturers are pushing for Wi-Fi charging in gadgets, making it one of the top trending products in 2023. 

Wireless Chargers

In the future, it is expected that an increasing number of smartphones will come with wireless charging capabilities. To take advantage of this trend, consider selling wireless chargers through your e-commerce store via the dropshipping method.

If you want to reach a broader customer base, Amazon can be a great starting point. You can obtain chargers from suppliers and utilize Amazon’s FBA program to store and deliver the products.

2. Smartwatches

Since Apple launched the first smartwatch, they’ve become one of the most used wearable devices. They are popular due to their convenience and ability to help users stay connected, track their fitness, and receive notifications. Additionally, smartwatches come in various styles and designs, allowing users to customize the device to suit their individual preferences. All these factors make smartwatches a worthy product in the current market situation. 


Smartwatches cater to two distinct groups of consumers: those who love traditional watches and those who are technology enthusiasts. This is evident in the high demand for smartwatches, with over 50,000 customers searching for them on Amazon monthly. 

There is an opportunity to tap into this market, particularly for those who cannot afford high-end smartwatches from brands like Samsung and Apple. By using the dropshipping method and utilizing Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, you can sell a variety of affordable smartwatches manufactured by Chinese companies at competitive prices directly on Amazon.

3. Books

If you are looking for a product for the long run and want to target a huge section of customers, there is nothing better than books. Books are evergreen and always one of the top trending products. Notice that a majority of e-commerce platforms started their business by selling books only. Interestingly the popularity of books didn’t fade away even after so many years of the tech revolution. 


Everyone buys books. People read them, collect them, and give them as a gift. As a matter of fact, over 260,000 individuals conduct monthly searches for books on Amazon. Despite the crowded market in this niche, the high demand for books makes it an excellent product to sell online.

The best way to sell books is to start your own ecommerce store and offer a certain type of book. Later when you create a loyal customer base, you can expand your categories. Amazon is by far the largest online book store in the world, but you may face fierce competition as there are experienced sellers who have over occupied the market. However, you can hit the market with a proper competition analysis and market strategy. You can also hunt for cheap used books, sell them on Amazon, and earn a healthy profit. 

4. Bluetooth Speakers

The next item on the list is Bluetooth Speakers, another popular wireless product. Everyone loves music, and people keep hunting for convenient ways to enjoy their music, making Bluetooth speakers a conceivable online product. Yes, with the advancements of the latest wireless technologies, BlueTooth seems like an ancient thing, but there is still no substitution for Bluetooth speakers. 

Bluetooth Speakers

More and more manufacturers have started creating affordable Bluetooth speakers to compete with big brands, which is where the market can be fruitful for you. You can find numerous cheap brands on Chinese wholesale websites such as AliExpress, DHGate, Chinavasion, etc, and sell them on Amazon, eBay, or any other platform at a good profit. 

According to market data, over 300,000 people search for Bluetooth speakers on Amazon each month, but there are merely 5000 listings available. Since smartphone manufacturers are moving toward a no-headphone jack policy, the demand for Bluetooth speakers is expected to go higher. 

5. Pet Supplies

Pet products may not sound attractive, but the niche is extremely easy to target. People love pets worldwide, and the demand is no sign of ever fading away. Interestingly, this niche has no monopoly as no big recognized brands for such products exist. 

Pet Supplies

This creates a very lucrative market for aspiring sellers who want to establish themselves in the e-commerce business. You can find numerous wholesale merchants selling affordable pet products at affordable prices that can generate a decent profit margin for you. The products range from pet beds, bird food, pet grooming products, hair remover, nail clippers, massage items, bathing products, and more. 

6. Print-on-Demand Products

The print-on-demand market, where custom designs are printed onto clothing and accessories, is flourishing because of the growing demand for personalized merchandise. If you’re a novice in e-commerce and seeking to initiate your marketing efforts, then starting with POD would be a wise decision, considering its growth prospects. 

Print-on-Demand Products

The probability of success in a POD business is relatively high, and you can sell your products through various platforms, including social media. Custom-printed items are well-received as gifts, and market research suggests that this trend will persist in the near future. With the advancement of e-commerce and technology, POD has become a practical and cost-effective way for individuals to bring their unique designs to life and reach a wider audience.

7. Laptop Accessories

Laptop Accessories

The market for laptops is here to stay. Whether it’s expensive or affordable, there is a huge market for supportive accessories such as external keyboards, hard drives, mice, keyboard covers, LED lights, fans, carrying cases, and more. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge rise in laptop demand, which has created a lucrative market for accessories. Dropshipping is the best business model for selling laptop accessories, as you can offer a wide range of products without worrying about inventory and shipping management.. Check out some Chinese wholesale websites and dropshipping suppliers and compare their prices before you decide on your supplier. 

Selling laptop accessories on Amazon is an excellent choice, as the demand for this product is greater on this platform than on others. 

8. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones have become much more affordable, creating a gigantic market for accessories such as phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, USB cables, phone holders for cars, memory cards, and more. 

Smartphone Accessories

With thousands of Chinese suppliers selling affordable smartphone accessories, you can drop ship or import directly from the manufacturer. The market is competitive, but the demand is even stronger. To get started, conduct thorough research, identify the top trending accessories, and create detailed product listings. 

9. Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies include two types of products – kitchen utensils and gadgets and DIY tools. Particularly in the age of social media, kitchen gadgets are getting more and more popular. These kinds of products are cheap, easy to use as an alternative, and can save a lot of time and effort. A few examples are vegetable choppers, dough makers, pizza cutters, knives, juicers, egg gadgets, pot cleaners, and much more. 

Kitchen Supplies

If you plan to target this niche, it’s smart to go through Youtube and look for kitchen gadgets for product inspiration. A practical approach would be to find a Chinese supplier and utilize the dropshipping model to sell their goods. These products are generally cost-effective and have a high potential for impulse buys. In addition to Amazon, an outstanding marketplace for selling kitchen accessories, other platforms such as eBay and Etsy can also help you target a large section of customers. Establishing your own standalone store is also a feasible option.

10. Home Decor Products

The online market for Home Decor is thriving and encompasses a wide variety of items to enhance the look of a home. With manufacturers continually introducing new and unique home decor ideas, the opportunities in this market are almost limitless.

Home Decor Products

These can range from large pieces such as corner cabinets and antique decor to smaller, more budget-friendly options like wall hangings, wooden accents, and wall clocks. 

If you’re just starting out, it’s wise to begin with smaller, more affordable products in your online store. For those looking to enter this market, a dropshipping model is a great option, with numerous cost-effective suppliers like Alibaba, DHGate, and Lightinthebox, where you can purchase wholesale home decor items.

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What Makes a Winning Product?

When selecting a product to market online, remember that its popularity does not guarantee its suitability for your store. Over-popularity can lead to a decline in its originality and appeal. You may opt for either setting up your own online store or selling through a marketplace, as some products can be suitable for both options. 

The essential factor is determining if the marketplace you’re considering has sufficient demand for the product you want to sell. We hope this information is helpful and wish you success in your e-commerce ventures!

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