10 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools (2023)

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On the fence about choosing the best Amazon keyword research tool? 

If that’s the case, I’m here to guide you in choosing the right Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools.

Needless to say, without proper keyword research and exact data metrics — it’s a brainer to sell products on Amazon

When I was doing keyword research for Amazon products back in 2018, I found some tools that provide inaccurate data metrics. In fact, Jungle Scout (a leading Amazon seller tool, carried out a case study and shared some jaw-dropping results. 

Seeing all this, I thought of curating a hand-picked list of the most accurate and the best Amazon keyword research tools available out there.

Which is The Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

This is a pretty tough question to answer!  

Because it all depends on your needs and requirements, such as the marketplace you’re targeting and your budget. However, to answer right away, I have tried and used the tools listed below:

  • Jungle Scout (The Most Accurate Keyword Data & Metrics )
  • Helium 10 (A Flexible Yet Advanced Amazon Keyword Research Tool)
  • Viral Launch (These Guys Have The Highest Database of Keywords)

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

List of 10 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools 2023

So that’s our top ten recommendations; let us get straight into the list and review all these Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools available out there. 

  • Jungle Scout — Keyword Scout (Editors Pick)
  • Helium 10 — Magnet2 
  • Viral Launch — Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • MerchantWords — Data On-Demand (Keyword Research)
  • Sellzone — A Robust Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • Scope — SellerLabs Keyword Research Tool
  • AMZ Tracker — The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator 
  • Sonar — Best For New Sellers
  • Google Keyword Planner — Keyword Planner

1. Jungle Scout: Keyword Scout (Editors Pick)

Note: Jungle Scout is more than just a keyword research tool; to know more about Jungle Scout, check our detailed Jungle Scout review here. 

Jungle Scout has a robust and accurate keyword research tool for Amazon. The Keyword Scout helps you discover high-converting keywords for your Amazon listing. Moreover, using Keyword Scout, you will also get detailed insights into competitors’ keyword strategies. 

Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools  - Jungle Scout

With the Keyword Scout, you can easily uncover what shoppers search for on Amazon. You have the option to use your competitor’s product ASINs to uncover your competitor’s listing keywords. What’s more, you can easily find out keywords competing products are using and which keywords the products rank for. 

 Jungle Scout - Keyword Research Tool

With the Jungle Scout keyword research tool, you can research nine Amazon marketplaces: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, etc. 

Jungle Scout Key Highlights:

  • Uncover high-ranking keywords. 
  • View Historical Search Volume.
  • Explore keyword strategy among ASIN groups.
  • Advanced filters to sort long keyword lists.
  • It provides cost-per-click keywords data for PPC campaigns. 
  • Performance keyword data — tracking, search volume, PPC costs, etc. 

Jungle Scout Price:

The Basic plan of Jungle Scout costs $49/month, which includes access to Keyword Scout and other useful tools. If you are willing to consider Jungle Scout then save up to 40% with these exclusive Jungle Scout discount codes here.

2. Helium 10: Magnet2 

Note: To know more about Helium 10, check our in-depth review of Helium 10 here

Helium 10 is another popular and reliable keyword research tool available. In fact, Helium 10 is a pioneer all-in-one Amazon suite of tools for Amazon sellers. The Amazon keyword research tool of Helium 10 goes by the name of Magnet2. 

Helium 10 — Magnet2 

With the Helium 10 keyword research tool, you can easily discover high-volume and relevant keywords for Amazon. Magnet has the world’s largest database of actional Amazon search terms along with long tail-keywords on the market. 

Helium 10 keyword research tool Magnet supports all major Amazon marketplace such as — US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Spain, Denmark, etc. The best part, Helium 10 offers 2 keywords searches per day for free; in case if you want to try — give Helium 10 a shot. 

Helium 10 Key Highlights:

  • Magnet IQ Score 
  • Broad phrase search volume
  • Exact phrase search volume
  • Provides sponsored ASIN details
  • Advanced filters for keywords shortlisting
  • Provides estimated search volume and more
  • Competing products and headlines ASINS. 

Helium 10 Price:

The starter plan of Helium 10 costs $39/month, including a plethora of Amazon Seller tools. Helium 10 is offering up to 50% off on their plans and you can use FBADaddy’s exclusive coupon codes to get the discount offer.

3. Viral Launch: Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Note: To know more about the keyword research tool of Viral Launch, check my detailed Viral Launch review here

Viral Launch is the most powerful and accurate keyword research for Amazon sellers out there. It provides the most comprehensive and reliable keyword research tool to carry out powerful keyword research. 

Viral Launch — Amazon Keyword Research Tool

To carry out research, you need to choose an input keyword or ASIN or a competitor’s ASINS. After that, Viral Launch will utilize ARCS tech to provide you with a highly relevant keyword list. This way, you can easily carry out Amazon keyword research. 

Viral Launch — ASIN Competitor

What’s more, filtering out the list of keywords helps your filter irrelevant keywords easily. Viral Launch support all major Amazon marketplaces such as — United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, and Brazil. 

Viral Launch Key Highlights: 

  • Amazon reverse-ASIN lookup 
  • Historical search volume 
  • Competitors advertising keywords
  • Suggested PPC bid cost provided
  • Accurate search volume 
  • Automate keyword research — Listing Analyzer

Viral Launch Price:  

The essential plan of Viral Launch costs $69/month. It’s the perfect solution for Amazon product research. If you think Viral Launch is the right choice for you then save up to 15% with Viral Launch coupon codes here.

4. MerchantWords: Data On-Demand (Keyword Research)

MerchantWords is another reliable keyword research tool for Amazon sellers out there. It provides robust tools and services to help you grow your business right on the worlds’ largest marketplace. 

MerchantWords — Data On-Demand

With MerchantWords you can easily supercharge Amazon business. You can easily uncover product opportunities, check the competitive market, and carry out successful keyword research with keyword data tools. 

MerchantWords supports various marketplaces such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Italy, Denmark, etc. What’s more, MerchantWords constantly maintains reliable keyword data and performance metrics. 

MerchantWords Key Highlights:

  • Powerful ASIN lookup tool
  • Classic search — keywords, volume, & seasonality
  • Create and store keywords list
  • Digital Shelf beat to competitions
  • Keyword explorer analyze and edit your research
  • Keyword Multiplier related & complementary keywords

MerchantWords Price:

The base plan of MerchantWords costs $35/month for carrying out keyword research for a single country. 

5. Sellzone: A Robust Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Sellzone is by far the most advanced keyword research tool for Amazon sellers. The Sellzone is the brainchild of marketing leading SEO tool Semrush. Previously it started as a split-testing tool for any Amazon Product Listing. As of now, it’s a complete Amazon seller toolkit to expand an Amazon selling business. 

Sellzone  - Amazon Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Wizard of Sellzone has more than 200 million keywords in its index. Needless to say, Sellzone has the largest keyword database available on the market — it’s growing every day. You can easily find out the high volume and low-competition terms to make your products visible on search engines. 

Sellzone  - Keyword Wizard

To get started with Keyword Wizard, you just need to enter a search relevant to your product to get tons of high-volume Amazon keyword suggestions. You can also easily identify easy wins and low-hanging fruits. As of now, Sellzone only supports the US Amazon marketplace. 

Sellzone Key Highlights:

  • Smart filtering and sorting
  • Keyword list exporting
  • Different keywords matches 
  • Accurate Amazon keywords data
  • Find high-volume and low-competition keywords

Sellzone Price: The base plan, so-called the Growth Plan, costs $50/month, including access to various Amazon seller tools, including Keyword Wizard. 

6. Scope: Sellerlabs Keyword Research Tool

Scope is the smartest keyword research tool for Amazon sellers out there. With the help of Scope’s comprehensive keyword research tool, you can easily improve your organic and paid traffic. 

Scope — Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool of Scope uses an AI-powered recommendation to help you uncover the metrics for a given term. Even it helps you see potential sales from a seed keyword.  

What’s more, using the reverse ASIN lookups, you can easily uncover the ranking keywords of your competitors. With the extracted keywords and data, you can easily build a better listing for yourself.

Scope — Keyword Ranking

Scope tool supports these marketplaces such as — United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, and Japan.

Scope Key Highlights: 

  • Longtail keywords
  • New products ideas
  • High volume backend keywords
  • Untapped PPC search terms
  • Data-driven strategy for keyword research 
  • Comprehensive, customizable, and downloadable reports

Scope Price:

The monthly plan of Scope costs $49, which includes all the essential and advanced features. 

7. AMZ Tracker: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

AMZ Tracker is an all-in-one Amazon suite of tools to help grow and maintain your rankings. The best part, AMZ Tracker also comes with a robust keyword research module to help you uncover easy-to-rank keywords. 

AMZ Tracker  - Overview

You can use AMZ Tracker’s advanced keyword research tool to find profitable keywords. What’s more, using the reverse ASIN lookup, you can also find flaws in your competitor’s listing. Just track all the sales and best sellers ranking, uncover ranking keywords, and so on. 

With AMZ Tracker, you can easily get keywords that are easy to rank and has high search volume. It has one of the growing databases for Amazon keywords. It supports all major Amazon marketplaces such as— US, UK, India, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, etc. 

AMZ Tracker Key Highlights:

  • Find longtail keywords
  • Carry out competitor analysis
  • Powerful reverse ASIN lookup
  • Enables you to track your keywords
  • It helps you thrive with Amazon’s A9 algorithm. 

AMZ Tracker Price:

The base plan of AMZ Tracker costs $50 per month, loaded with all the essential and advanced features you need. 

8. Ahrefs: Keyword Generator 

Ahrefs offers you extensive and exact data for your keyword research. It helps you to get backlinks, PPC campaigns, and organic keywords. The keyword tool has a complete database that keeps more than 8 billion keywords. So if you want accurate and extensive data for your keyword research, then Ahrefs is the best choice for you. 

Ahrefs Overview

Every keyword comes with complete local and global monthly search volume and robust SEO metrics, which are powered by click stream data. With Ahrefs, you can research your keyword ideas for more than nine search engines, such as Google, Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and many more. 

Ahrefs Key Highlights: 

  • Site Explorer
  • Rank Tracker Item 3
  • Site Audit
  • Content Explorer 
  • Keyword Explorer 
  • Dashboard

Ahrefs Price:

The base price of Ahrefs starts at $99 per month and goes up to $999 per month. 

9. Sonar

Next in our list of Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools is Sonar. If you a new Amazon Seller and don’t have much money then Sonar is the one for you. It is free and with that it will present you with great information and more importantly accurate with what keywords you should be going with. You will know the search volumes and can expand the search too.

Sonar Overview

Sonar Key Highlights :

  • User Friendly
  • Best for New Sellers on Amazon
  • Free Tool

Sonar Pricing :

It has 4 plans, Starter Plan which costs $250, Growth Plan $550, Pro Plan $550 & Enterprise which is a custom plan.

10. Google Keyword Planner

Last in our list of Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools is Google Keyword Planner. When it comes to simple, efficient and depth in keyword planner, it’s hard to beat Google. Not much complicated, a free tool and simple to use. All you have to do is type a keyword and Google will give you the average monthly searches, competitions and much more.

Google Keyword Planner

Google will help you with tips and ideas. You also can broaden your search results. Make sure you are matching keywords to Amazon’s A9 algorithm and not of Google for more accurate and better results.

Google Keyword Planner Highlights:

  • Extremely Accurate
  • Free Tool
  • Simple and efficient to use.
  • The UI is simple and not much complicated.
  • You will get different time frames to choose from to know the right result.

Google Keyword Planner Pricing:

This is a free tool and wont cost you a penny. You can use Google Keyword Planner for free.

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Conclusion: Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

So this is my curated list of the only best Amazon keyword research tools. I have used all the tools I have listed above in this list. 

The question is — which tools do I use to carry out my keyword research?

It’s simple; I rely on two reliable tools available:

  1. Jungle Scout — Reliable data and accurate keywords metrics. 
  2. Helium 10 — Go to solution for organic and PPC keyword research. 

I’m not going to push to buy these, although I would go and try these two and find out which one works best for you. 

Which tool are you going to choose from the above list of best Amazon keyword research tools? 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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