12 Best Amazon FBA Podcasts Courses For You To Try In 2023

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Are you looking for Best Amazon FBA Podcasts? We have got you the list of 12 Best. As an e-commerce seller on Amazon, you must follow the trends to stay in participation. That’s why you must keep learning from the best. And what’s better than 12 Best Amazon FBA podcasts in 2023. 

Even if you have just started your business, you can listen to these podcasts in your free time to absorb the knowledge. Amazon changes their seller prospects within time, so the books won’t be that helpful where podcasts are updated weekly. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why we have listed the Top 12 Amazon FBA Podcasts for Amazon sellers. It will surely give you better insights that will help you maintain your Amazon FBA store.

Amazon FBA Overview

Let’s get Started with Best Amazon FBA Podcasts.

List Of The Top 12 Amazon FBA Podcasts  

Here is a quick view at the Best Amazon FBA Podcasts courses for you to try:

Sr. No.Amazon FBA PodcastsAurthor
1.The My Wife Quit Her Job PodcastSteve Chou
2.My Amazon GuySteven Pope
3.Serious Sellers PodcastBradley Sutton
4.FBA All-StarsMatt Ward
5.The PPC Den Podcast By Ad BadgerAd Badger
6.Women on AmazonRegina Peterburgsky
7.AM/PM PodcastTim Jordan
8.Amazing FreedomAndy Slamans
9.Smart Online SellerJustin Balk
10.Private Label MovementKevin Rizer
11.The Full-Time FBA Show PodcastSmotherman family
12.The Amazing Seller Scott Voelker

12 Best Amazon FBA Podcasts For You To Try In 2023

Let’s have a look at 12 Best Amazon FBA Podcasts in depth.

1. The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

This podcast is run by Steve Chou and is best for beginners. The show is all about those entrepreneurs who started successful online businesses after quitting their jobs. There are almost 400 episodes that contain a series of interviews taken by Steve. Steve tried his best to extract the strategies and details that helped them run a successful business. Each episode is filled with knowledge and experience. You can start listening to these free podcasts right away. 

Best Amazon FBA Podcasts - My Wife Quite Her Job

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2. My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy is a trending podcast series that mainly focuses on Seller Central sales. The show is hosted by Steven Pope, who was a famous TV reporter and now a consultant of Amazon clients. With his tutorials and podcasts, he teaches how to increase traffic and improve conversions. There are more than 800 video tutorials on how to deal with any matter you face on the Amazon marketplace. 

My Amazon Guy

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3. Serious Sellers Podcast 

This podcast series is about FBA and private label selling strategies hosted by Bradley Sutton. Previously, the podcast was run by Manny Coats under the AM/PM podcast. Now, Bradley tries to empower entrepreneurs to start a successful business on Amazon through his podcasts. In this series, you can listen to many professionals’ journeys as an Amazon seller and how million-minded they are. Get access to their 300+ podcasts for free on Helium 10.

Serious Sellers Podcast

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4. FBA All-Stars

FBA All-Stars hosted by Matt Ward is a series of free podcasts. He tries to share his sheer knowledge and experience regarding private label selling and growing your Amazon brand through his podcasts. Even if you are starting from ground zero, you can accomplish your goal and aim for seven figures. You can learn how to find physical products and where to sell with proper scaling—highly recommended for beginners.

FBA All Stars

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5. The PPC Den Podcast By Ad Badger

Basically, Ad Badger is a PPC tool for Amazon. But they also host a podcast where they discuss various Amazon selling techniques. The PPC Den offers valuable insights and information to entrepreneurs. With their strategies, you can start and grow your business from scratch. You can also learn how to increase sales and conversions rate. Listen to their free podcasts. 

Ad Badger

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6. Women on Amazon

Women on Amazon is a series of podcasts and interviews hosted by Regina Peterburgsky. With these podcasts, Regina is continuously trying to expand women’s voices in e-commerce and Amazon FBA. Not only women, but the podcast also inspires and motivates every entrepreneur. Through the interviews, she discusses strategies and techniques used by women entrepreneurs who stood on their feet on their own. Listen to her 50+ podcasts for free. 

Women On Amazon

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7. AM/PM Podcast

This is one of the best and longest-running podcast shows regarding Amazon FBA. The show is now hosted by Tim Jordan (previously hosted by Manny Coats). AM/PM podcast was his first show to appear on, but now he hosts it. The podcasts are free to listen to and have many insightful contents to follow. There are more than 280 episodes, including interviews of Amazon sellers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and many more. 

AM/PM Podcast

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8. Amazing Freedom

The Amazing Freedom podcast is run by the founder of the company, Andy Slamans. He started his company as an Online & Retail Arbitrage, and now, he is a full-time Private label seller. The podcast is all about Amazon Private Label selling. He shares his knowledge and advanced strategies to run a successful Amazon store in his podcasts. With these podcasts, you can learn how you can find private label products and launch them on the Amazon marketplace. There are 150+ free-to-listen episodes available.

Amazing Freedom

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9. Smart Online Seller

This podcast is hosted by Justin Balk. If you want to listen to old podcasts that contain a lot of strategies, this is the best place to start. Justin primarily focused on marketing, but he also shared his experience and strategies on other advanced topics. It will give you a better understanding of how to run an e-commerce store. In his podcasts, you will also find interviews of some successful entrepreneurs who have shared their best knowledge of online marketing. 

Smart Seller Online

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10. Private Label Movement

This exclusive podcast is hosted by Kevin Rizer. The series mainly focuses on Amazon Private Label selling. Kevin started his marketplace in 2015 as a hobby. Within a year, he made more than 1 million. Later, he started a podcast that includes interviews and conversions with successful Amazon sellers. These podcasts have some serious information on ecommerce and Amazon. That’s why he gained thousands of followers within no time. Listen to the podcasts for free. 

The Private Label Movement

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11. The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast is created by the Smotherman family. The Smotherman family explains how they started their FBA journey and how it is going right now in this podcast. They also give a lot of actionable insights that you can use to run your own FBA business. All of their episodes are filled with lots of information that you can use for your own good. The husband and wife also run a blog, Facebook page, and YouTube account where they have been sharing FBA secrets for so long. If you want to start your Amazon FBA journey, then this is a good podcast to start listening to.

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

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12. The Amazing Seller

The Amazing Seller By Scott Voelker

Last in our list but not the least is The Amazing Seller by Scott Voelker. Scott is a successful entrepreneur and is considered as one of the best brand building experts. When you go through this podcast you will realise Scott has given detailed information on keyword tracking, how to achieve a better ranking organically. This information is handy not only for beginners but also for experts. Scott has helped people unlock their true potential. He provides great insights and great value to the podcast by sharing the knowledge and marketing strategies through his experience. This Podcast is free of cost.

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Conclusion: Best Amazon FBA Podcasts In (2023)

Amazon FBA podcasts are full of valuable information and knowledgeable content. If you are not competitive in this modern era, you will fall apart. To outsmart your competitors, you must go with the trend. Listening to Amazon FBA podcasts is one of the easiest ways to improve your selling skills. There is no particular time to listen to a podcast. You can listen to it while having a walk or in your free time. 

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite. 

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