7 Best Amazon FBA Courses In 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

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Looking for an Amazon FBA course to learn how you can quickly scale your FBA business? I have just the thing for you. I have prepared a list of some of the best Amazon FBA courses.

Everyone is buying things online these days, and it is clear that online stores are triumphing over offline stores. Many big brands are selling their products on Amazon, and you can also do it. The only question you might have in your mind is, where do you start? To get the answer to this question, you will need an Amazon FBA course.

That’s why I’ve prepared a hand-picked list of the best Amazon FBA courses for you guys. I have compared all these courses based on their pricing and what they offer. Stick to the end to find which will be the best option for you.

Let’s get started right away with Best Amazon FBA Courses.

7 Best Amazon FBA Courses 2023

Here’s a quick overview of 7 Best Amazon FBA Courses with their Pricing

Sr. No. 7 Best Amazon FBA CoursesPricing
1.Freedom Builder Bootcamp$999 Lifetime Access
2.Freedom Ticket Course$39/mo
3.Amazing Selling Machine$4997 Lifetime Access
4.Marketplace Superheroes$997 Lifetime Access
5.Proven Amazon Course$499 Lifetime Access
6.Amazon Boot Camp$345 Lifetime Access
7.Blue Sky Amazon $3,495 Lifetime Access

7 Top Amazon FBA Courses:

Lets have a look at Best Amazon FBA Courses in detail

1. Freedom Builder Bootcamp

First in our list of Best Amazon FBA Courses is Jungle Scout. It offers this Freedom Builder Bootcamp course, and its CEO, Greg Mercer, is the instructor of this course. He is also an eight-figure Amazon seller who build his business from scratch, and now he is here to share his experience with this course. He teaches how you can build an Amazon FBA business from scratch.

 Best Amazon FBA Courses-Product-Database

You can learn all the advanced seller strategies and apply them to your business to scale it to the next level. They also offer free training on their official website. You can easily apply for their free training webinar and gain some fantastic insights from Greg himself. There are ten different modules in the course and 30 hours of video content in it.

Product Tracker

What You’ll Get In The Course:

  • Get Access To Jungle Scout Professional Plan For A Year
  • Live Coaching Sessions Weekly
  • Amazon Listing Feedback
  • Lifetime Access To The Course
  • Get JungleCon Recordings
  • Bonus Modules Are Included
  • Get Personal Tips & Tricks Of Greg
  • Get Access To Updated Information
  • VIP Customer Support
  • Bonus Training Videos


To get access to this course, you need to buy the Freedom Builder Bootcamp plan on Jungle Scout, which will cost you $999. This will give you lifetime access to this course and one year of access to the Jungle Scout Professional account.

2. Freedom Ticket Course

The famous Amazon expert Kevin King created Freedom Ticket Course. It is a complete roadmap for you to start selling on Amazon quickly. Kevin King has already sold millions of dollars worth of Amazon products, and now he is here to share his strategies via this course. Freedom Ticket has already become the first choice of many Amazon sellers. You can get access to Freedom Ticket course complimentary with Helium 10 subscription.

Helium 10 - Filter

There are a lot of strategies available for selling on Amazon, but Freedom Ticket focuses on a private labeling strategy. You can grow your business quickly if you start selling your own branded products on Amazon. The Private Label model is the most famous model among Amazon sellers, and it is the best way to earn money on Amazon.

Helium 10 - Keyword Research

What You’ll Get In The Course

  • 10 Weeks of Training
  • Over 60 Videos Of Training Material
  • Get Up To 30 Handouts On Sourcing, Mistakes To Avoid, And Accounting
  • Access To Helium 10 Tools
  • Learn How To Start Selling Private Label Products On Amazon
  • Get Your Products Made
  • Intro To Selling On Amazon
  • Learn To Create Sales Pages
  • Take Advantage Of Amazon Advertising
  • Launch Your Products On Amazon


You can get access to Freedom Ticket Course at just $39/mo. You can only get access to this course if you buy a premium plan on Helium 10, which starts at $39/mo. Along with the course, you also get access to Helium 10 tools.

3. Amazing Selling Machine

Matt Clarke and Jason Katzenback created the Amazing Selling Machine course. With this course, you can learn how to become financially independent working from home. As you all know, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to prefer to shop online, and because of it, Amazon’s business has increased exponentially.

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazon Sellers like you have also taken advantage of this opportunity and scaled their business to the next level. This course teaches you all the techniques of seven-figure Amazon sellers and how you can apply them to your business. You don’t need any kind of prior experience in Amazon selling; just follow in their footsteps to build a six-figure business.

What You’ll Get In The Course:

  • Access To Free Training Event
  • Get Report On Top 1000 Hidden Opportunities On Amazon
  • Get A List Of 1000 Most Searched Keywords On Amazon
  • 180 Hours Of Video Content
  • Get Access To Over 100 Videos
  • Access To Live Events
  • Founder’s Private Resource Vault
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • 8-Weeks Of Expert Training
  • Access To Amazing Selling Machine Private Community


The pricing of the Amazing Selling Machine course is $4997, which is enormous. But you can also prefer to pay six payments of $997. This will give you lifetime access to this course.

4. Marketplace Superheroes

Steven Somers and Robert Ricky created Marketplace Superheroes. It is also an affordable FBA course to try out. This course focuses on getting the right product and finding the best suppliers for it. If you don’t find the right product to sell on Amazon, you will never grow your Amazon FBA business.

Marketplace Superheroes

The students of this course have already sold over 30 million dollars worth of products on Amazon. You can easily understand their video content because it is straightforward and doesn’t complicate the strategies. They also show you a case study called Superhero Journey, where a beginner Amazon seller starts his journey from scratch and scales his business within six months.

What You’ll Get In The Course:

  • Marketplace Superheroes Ignite
  • Sell Your Own Branded Products On Amazon
  • Get Free Training
  • Learn How You Can Get Your First Sale On Amazon
  • Different Strategies To Reach Six Figures
  • Get Access To Marketplace Superheroes Community
  • Superhero Journey Case Study
  • Get Access To Elite Bootcamp Recording
  • Get Up To 100 Product Ideas Within Seven Days
  • Get Exclusive Freight Forwarding Discounts


To get lifetime access to Marketplace Superheroes, you need to pay $997 once or 12 payments of $97. You can also get 7-day access to this course with a free trial.

5. Proven Amazon Course

Jim Cockrum created the Proven Amazon Course, which is one of the most affordable Amazon FBA courses available on the internet. It is the best option for new sellers to learn how to start selling on Amazon. It provides in-depth training on selling on Amazon. They will teach every single step of selling on Amazon.

Proven Amazon Course

Over 50,000 students have already enrolled in this course and sold millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon. You can learn all the basic things such as product sourcing, private labeling, optimizing listings, and how to grow your brand. It gives you all the critical information you will need to start your Amazon FBA journey.

What You’ll Get In The Course

  • Interact With Experienced Sellers
  • 7 Hours Worth Of Video Content
  • Get Access To Pre-Recorded Live Events
  • Learn Personal Tips & Tricks Of Jim Cockrum
  • Real-Life Case Studies
  • In-depth Details On Selling On Amazon
  • Best Of Newbie Amazon Sellers
  • Start With Low Investment
  • Sourcing Wholesale Products
  • Amazon Business Basics


To get access to Proven Amazon Course, you just need to pay $29/mo or $499 once. If you pay $499, then you can get lifetime access to this course.

6. Amazon Boot Camp

Back in 2012, Jessica Larrew launched this course with her husband, Cliff. They call themselves the Selling Family. They have been in the arbitrage business for over ten years now, and they have made over six figures while working just part-time. In this course, they also teach you everything about retail arbitrage, and with their method, you can start your Amazon selling business with just $500.

Amazon Boot Camp

This course is best for those who prefer to purchase things from their local retail stores so that they can resell those things on Amazon and turn a profit on them. The only downside to this strategy is that you always need to search for new products to sell on Amazon to turn a profit. With this course, they have already helped over 10K students. Most of the courses require you to invest thousands of dollars before starting, whereas, in the retail arbitrage business, you can start with lower investments.

What You’ll Get In The Course:

  • Learn everything about Retail Arbitrage
  • Start selling on Amazon as a side hustle
  • Access to the latest version of the course
  • Learn to create a game out of your regular grocery shopping
  • Choose products that actually sell quickly
  • Learn about Amazon business basics
  • Tips for evaluating products
  • Managing your Amazon seller account
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Learn to find items in your local retail stores


The pricing of Amazon Boot Camp is $345 once, and it gives you lifetime access to the course. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Blue Sky Amazon

If not the best then certainly one of the best course for Amazon FBA. Sophie Howard, the Queen of selling products on Amazon has delivered probably the best course in my opinion. This course is certainly different from the rest. She exactly know how to make business. With this course, she wont teach you how to sell products for your side hustle but will help you build an empire of E-commerce. It will be turned into a real business and not some random side hustle.

The Amazon Selling Queen

She helps you build an audience and will help you know how to keep them. Even the elite courses don’t share such information. Sophie makes sure you know how to make your brand more impactful and establish a loyal audience. She doesn’t help with short term goals, with this Course you will be able to create a long term plan and reach higher level.

What You’ll Get In The Course:

  • MOQ Strategy by Sophie
  • How to Create Long Term Goals
  • Sophie’s Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Creating a Plan that is impossible to copy

Pricing :

The Pricing of Blue Sky Amazon is $3,495 (installments available).

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Which is The Best Amazon FBA Course?

So this is my list of best Amazon FBA Courses. Now the only question remains: Which one to choose?

If you want thorough training on becoming a successful Amazon seller, you can try out the Freedom Builder Bootcamp course by Jungle Scout or the Freedom Ticket course by Helium 10. These two courses can give you in-depth insights into selling on Amazon. If you want the most affordable FBA course, then you can choose Proven Amazon Course.

I hope with this list of Best Amazon FBA Courses, you can choose an Amazon FBA course to start your FBA journey. Let me know your thoughts on these FBA courses in the comment section below.

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