AMZ Tracker Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

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This is my detailed AMZ Tracker review, which I’m sharing after using AMZ Tracker for months. 

In this detailed AMZ Tracker review, I’ll share:

  • What is AMZ Tracker —what’s new?
  • AMZ Tracker Features Explained (How it Works)
  • AMZ Tracker Pricing Plans 
  • AMZ Tracker Alternatives
  • Is AMZ Tracker worth the HYPE?

So without further ado, let’s get straight into this review of AMZ Tracker. 

What is AMZ Tracker (In a Nutshell)

When I first signed up for the AMZ Tracker, I found it a bit nested; I mean, the time, AMZ Tracker has a lot to offer. 

Yes, AMZ Tracker has a lot to offer, which helps you excel as an Amazon seller. It’s a cloud-based Amazon seller that helps Amazon sellers track sales, revenue, and rankings easily. 

The AMZ Tracker toolkit comes with tools for — keyword research, competitor analysis, managing email marketing & campaigns, amazon super URLs, sales tracking, negative review checker, and so on. 

AMZ Tracker Review - Overview

Coming to the marketplace supported the AMZ Tracker toolkit support all the major marketplaces such as — the US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Japan, India, Italy, France, Brazil, France, and so on. 

Overall, AMZ Tracker offers all the toolkit that helps you sell on Amazon. 

What’s New With AMZ Tracker? – AMZ Tracker Review

AMZ Tracker provides four different toolkits and packages designed to help you grow your Amazon selling business

As per my experience with AMZ Tracker, it offers — 360 degrees seller strategy. 

Offensive Strategy:

This strategy helps you thrive with the Amazons’ A9 algorithm. This toolkit module of AMZ Tracker includes – keyword tracking, improving conversion rates, improving your listing rankings. Overall, this strategy includes promotions, conversion rate optimization, and competitor analysis. 

Defensive Strategy:

This is by far my favorite strategy of AMZ Tracker. Yes, using this strategy of AMZ Tracker, you can enable the defensive suits to handle malicious competitors and negative reviews of your listing easily. This strategy includes negative reviews alerts, hijack alerts, account performance, etc. 

Recon Strategy:

This is the popular strategy of AMZ Tracker; yes, it includes — an intel suite that helps you get — accurate data. This module comes with AMZ Trackers — keyword research tools, competitor analysis tools, and Unicorn Smasher Pro (The Chrome Extension). Overall, it’s a complete solution for staying top of your competitors. 

So far, I have explained what AMZ Tracker is and what it has got to offer. In the next section, I’ll share my encounter with the toolkit of AMZ Tracker. I’ll get into the details of the toolkit and features of AMZ Tracker. 

How does AMZ Tracker Work? (Interface)

To be honest, when I got started with AMZ Tracker, I got confused with so many tools available to use. 

However, once I spent some time using the tool and played around a bit, I became familiar with the interface. Let’s get started with the different modules of AMZ Tracker.

The Offensive Strategy of AMZ Tracker 

Let me explain what’s the offensive strategy of AMZ Tracker. 

AMZ Tracker Keyword Tracking/Research Module 

As an intelligent Amazon seller, you need to understand how crucial — keyword research is. In fact, I can’t survive without using — AMZ Trackers’ keyword tracking module. This feature comes with a stunning “find new keyword” option, which provides you with a list of the newly generated search terms. 

This module is designed to help you find the best keywords to help your product get better exposure on the search result page. This module also has the Deep words feature, another keyword research tool. The best part about deep research is that it provides all the related categories with all the available search volumes. 

AMZ Tracker Review -Keyword Tracking

With the help of this toolkit, you can easily pick the relevant keyword. 

All in all, with the keyword tracking module, you will get to know — where your products are ranking for their keyword. What’s more, you also have the option to track down your competitor’s products so that you can easily see — what’s working for them. 

AMZ Tracker Product Tracking 

To be a successful Amazon seller, you need to make sure that you track your sales and profitability. With the help of the AMZ Tracker product tracker, you will get real-time stats to see how your products are performing. For example, you will track how your products are rankings on the Amazon listing. What’s more, you also have the option to add multiple keywords to track products. 

Conversion Rate Optimization Module of AMZ Tracker

With the help of AMZ Tracker, you can easily improve the conversion rates for your product listing. Yes, this tool gives you the complete liberty to check every single listing and easily improve the conversion rates. 

These are the few factors that AMZ Tracker asks to improve to improve the conversion rates:

  • The length of the title
  • Features explaining the bullet points
  • Images quality 
  • The products ratings were added.
  • Number of reviews available for a given product
  • Make sure to use the suggested number of characters in the description.

AMZ Tracker On-Page Optimizer

The On-Page Optimizer of AMZ Tracker is my other favorite feature. 

Yes, using this tool, you can quickly improve the on-page of your listing. You can carry out the on-page optimization strategy for any Amazon listing of your products. 

For any product listing you enter, the tool will suggest areas of improvement such as — title length, product ratings, title length, etc.

This way, you can make the changes where the tool is suggesting and improve the on-page optimization of the product listing. 

AMZ Tracker Super URLs

Super URLs of AMZ Tracker is one of the most popular toolkits. Yes, as per my experience, it comes in handy to help you increase your rankings. Using this module, you can quickly increase your rankings by bringing traffic off Amazon using the super URL tool. 

AMZ Tracker - Super URLs

Using the Super tool, you can take your promotions to other marketing channels to drive traffic to your Amazon listing. I would recommend checking Amazons’ terms and services before using the toolkit. 

Product Promotion:

This one is one of the most important tools of AMZ Tracker. This is the first tool that you will get listed on the menu. 

Yes, AMZ Tracker has its deals and coupon website called — Vipon. Using your AMZ Tracker subscription, you can use this feature and showcase the promotions you’re running. To point out, Vipon is one of the leading Amazon deals communities that has over two million users constantly looking for deals on Amazon. 

AMZ Tracker - Product Promotion

The Defensive Strategy of AMZ Tracker 

Let me explain the defensive strategy of AMZ Tracker. As explained earlier, this strategy focuses more on alerting you to the issues with your Amazon listing. Let’s understand what it offers and how it works. 

Negative Reviews Alerts:

The name suggests it will notify you if you get a negative review for your Amazon products. As soon as you get the review, AMZ Tracker will alert you with an email regarding the negative review. 

Once you get the information, you can easily log into the seller central account and check the review. If it’s a malicious attempt, you could get it removed. It happened with some of my products; however, thanks to AMZ Tracker, it notified me on time to take action quickly. 

Hijack Alerts:

As the name suggests, it notifies you if your listing gets hijacked. Often sellers complain that their listing is being hijacked some major changes have been made. AMZ Tracker came up with a solution that alerts you if your listing gets hijacked to avoid this issue. 

This way, you can quickly take all the necessary actions which could help you prevent damages to your sales and reviews. 

Email Notification — Tools/Reports

Yes, AMZ Tracker also comes with a great email notification tool that helps you receive notifications for all the products you’re tracking. The best part is that it’s fully customizable; you can easily set up the frequency of all the emails you receive. 

Yes, for some of my clients — I have even white-labeled reports. This indicates that if you’re also monitoring various Amazon seller accounts for your clients, you can send them a customized white-labeled report.

Account Performance

I have personally found this tool super helpful as it looks at your account performance. Such as the sales revenue, the product’s unit sold, average price, net profits, and so on. What’s you’ll also get one Hijack Report ebook. 

The Recon Strategy of AMZ Tracker 

As explained earlier, the AMZ Tracker recon strategy is my favorite of all time. This strategy helps you to stay on top of your competitors. Let me explain what this tool has got to offer. 

Keyword Research Tool of AMZ Tracker

Yes, the keyword research tool of AMZ Tracker is awesome, and it helps you find easy to rank keywords for your products. Yes, you can find easy-to-rank keywords which your competitors aren’t using. 

What’s more, the AMZ Tracker keyword research modules also help you find long-tail keywords. 

The keyword research module of AMZ Tracker is accurate, and it provides useful metrics such as — estimated monthly search volume, category, regions, etc. Also, it provides a few filters which you can use to shortlist the complete list of keywords quickly. 

Competitors Analysis

Yes, the competitor module helps you find flaws in your competitor’s listing. For example, it helps you to track competitors’ sales and the BSR (best seller rankings). You can easily spy on your competitors and stay on top of the game. 

So this is what AMZ Tracker has got to offer. I’ll try my best to keep this AMZ Tracker review with all the new features and modules that AMZ Tracker will launch in the future. 

Let’s check other aspects of AMZ Tracker here. 

AMZ Tracker Pricing Explained | Is It Expensive?

I HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT when I had to buy a subscription to AMZ Tracker. 

It has a fancy pricing structure. However, the kind of features it provides is worth every single penny. 

Compared to other Amazon sellers tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Viral Launch, it has a fancy pricing structure. 

Let me review the pricing structure here. 

AMZ Tracker Plans Structure – AMZ Tracker Review

Yes, AMZ Tracker offers monthly and yearly plans, which you can choose. I’m listing all the available plans of AMZ Tracker here. 

AMZ Tracker - Pricing


The basic plan of AMZ Tracker costs $50 per month, which includes — 110 keywords, 50 products, and unlimited emails reports. It includes other features as well.


The professional plan starts at $100 per month and includes — 500 keywords, 100 products, unlimited emails reports, etc. 

God Mode:

The God mode plan of AMZ Tracker starts at $200/month, which includes 1500 keywords, 200 products, and unlimited products. What’s more, it includes other features as well. 


The legend plan costs $400 per month, with 3000 keywords, 400 products, and unlimited email reports. What’s more, it also has some other features to offer. 

LegendGod ModeProfessionalBasic
For Larger Packages$400/m$200/m$100/m$50/m
Email ReportsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
On-Page Analyzer
Amazon Super URLs
Vipon Promotional Products50/Marketplace12/Marketplace3/Marketplace0/Marketplace
Vipon Voucher SendsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited0
Rocket Reply-Email Sends1000030001000100
Rocket Reply-AMZ Accounts4221
Sales Tracking40020010050
Concurrent Users3211
Features Table

AMZ Tracker Free Trial: Yes, AMZ Tracker offers seven days of a free trial, which helps you try the AMZ Tracker toolkit for free without any risk. 

Somehow, if you’re not satisfied with the toolkit of AMZ Tracker, you also allow yourself to cancel your subscription within seven days of a free trial. 

AMZ Tracker Alternatives – AMZ Tracker Review

Now you have gone through almost the complete review of AMZ Tracker. Now, I would like to share a few alternatives to AMZ Tracker with you. Yes, I have used many Amazon seller tools throughout my FBA journey. I thought it would be great to walk through some of the available alternatives. 

1. Helium 10 — AMZ Tracker Review

Well, I wouldn’t go into details; check out my detail — Helium 10 review here

Compared to AMZ Tracker, Helium 10 offers a complete suite of tools to help you excel as an Amazon seller. All in all, it offers all the tools that AMZ Tracker offers. Additionally, it offers many advanced tools such as — PPC tools, Reverses ASIN lookups, and so much more. 

2. Jungle Scout — AMZ Tracker Review

If you want, you can check my detailed Jungle Scout review here. 

I have a detailed comparison of AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout comparison here. 

3. Viral Launch — AMZ Tracker Review

Well, check my detailed Viral Launch review here. To compare AMZ Tracker with Viral Launch, I would say both the tools have a lot to offer. Yes, AMZ Tracker has a few advanced features. However, Viral Launch comes with robust keyword research and a PPC module. 

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AMZ Tracker Review Conclusion

So this is my detailed AMZ Tracker review; I hope you got detailed insights into the AMZ Tracker toolkit. 

Overall, it’s a reliable Amazon seller tool that can help you grow and excel in your Amazon selling business. 

Well, if you wanna try this tool for free, you can easily signup for the seven-day free trial here. 

Now over to you, what are your thoughts on AMZ Tracker. 

Let me know in the comments section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions: AMZ Tracker Review

How long does it keep historical data?

AMZ Tracker keeps sales data for one month only and ranking data for one year.

How much product can I add to my account?

You can add as many products as you want to your account, but the keyword related to the product is limited to the subscription level.

Does AMZ Tracker track child or parent products?

Absolutely, if you add parent products to the AMZ Tracker, all the child products will track automatically.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily cancel or change your subscription at any time; you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of subscribing it to avoid being charged.

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