10 Best Amazon Sellers Forums For You Check Out In 2023

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Are you looking for Amazon Sellers Forums? This article will help you find some of the best Amazon sellers forums to exchange valuable information regarding your business.

Online forums are a great place to find unbiased opinions and information regarding any topic. Particularly for online sellers, it’s an excellent platform to connect to a network of other merchants, share the same business ideas.

It can be tricky to track down genuine forums with quality information. To make things easier for you, I’m going to talk about the best Amazon seller forums you can visit in 2023.

Top Amazon Sellers Forums: In A Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.Forum NameCategoryKey Topics
1.Seller Central ForumSelling on AmazonMiscellaneous 
2.Digital PointSales and marketingOnline Marketing
3.RedditQ & AFBA, advertising 
4.ChannelXMarketing ResourcesCross platform sale
5.Web RetailerFBA tools and guidesFBA, suppliers, Sales
6.AMZ Tracker CommunityFBAProduct ranking 
7.UK Business ForumsBusiness TipsAmazon and eBay 
8.EcommerceBytesFBA and SalesScale your business 
9.Warrior ForumSEO, marketingMiscellaneous 
10.Tamebay News & Intelligence Online Marketplace

10 Best Amazon Sellers Forums

Here is the list of Top 10 Amazon Sellers Forums given below

1. Seller Central Forum

First in our list of Amazon Sellers Forums is Seller Central Forum. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your Amazon-related information, there is no better community than Seller Central Forum. This group consists of many discussion topics regarding Amazon services, seller tools, guidelines, etc. Particularly for aspiring sellers, it’s a great place to find relevant information, important links, and FAQs on miscellaneous topics that will help you take the right step. 

Seller Central Forum

The Seller Central forum’s posts cover FBA, Amazon payments, product research, market trends, shipping, Amazon account management, customer-related discussions, and more.  To find the relevant forum, you can choose from various categories, which include Selling on Amazon, FBA, Amazon account, Amazon web services, advertising, and more. 

2. Digital Point

The next on the list is Digital Point, a popular forum that you can use to extract some valuable information related to Amazon business. The forum is mainly related to e-commerce platforms and is a good resource for online marketing knowledge. You can search through various topics, sorted as per your preferences. 

Digital Point

Digital Point also provides other services and e-commerce tools, such as a website rank checker. You can also look for available domains for sale, buy ad space, sell ad space on your website, or post ads on the Digital point website itself. 

Digital point is an old forum, and you may not find the discussion you are looking for. But still, for e-commerce enthusiasts and Amazon sellers, it can be a good source of knowledge.  

3. Reddit

If you are an internet buff, you must know how popular Reddit is. Over the past few years, the platform has emerged as a prime spot for online discussions and knowledge exchange. These communities are referred to as subreddit. If you are an Amazon seller, there are hundreds of useful subreddits for you related to Amazon selling, FBA, e-commerce business, advertising, etc. 


Moreover, you can sort community topics based on Hot topics, new posts, top posts, etc. This helps you find the top trending topics within a few seconds. You can also use the relevant subreddit to ask your question and the community members will answer. Make sure you read the subreddit’s rules before posting your topic to avoid deletion or suspension. 

You will find numerous topics on FBA, Amazon account management, global marketplace, Amazon pay, and other helpful topics. However, some of the subreddits are geared toward more experienced Amazon sellers. If you’re new to  Amazon business, these may not be the best fit for you. 

4. ChannelX

ChannelX was founded in 2006 by two UK sellers, as a platform to provide eBay users with the tools to navigate and succeed in online marketplaces. But over the years, it has evolved to serve traders across various marketplaces, providing them with the resources to improve their sales.

ChannelX Overview

ChannelX is not a typical forum, but it is a website with valuable resources for UK e-commerce sellers. It provides daily news, market insights, and strategy analysis for major platforms in the UK and the global marketplace. It is particularly useful for those who engage in dropshipping. Moreover, you get access to how-to guides, ebooks, webinars, and numerous events that can help you grow your business.

Currently, ChannelX is a widely-used platform, providing the latest e-commerce news, information on events, and intelligence for businesses that operate on online marketplaces. If you are a UK-based Amazon seller, you can benefit greatly from ChannelX. If you are selling on multiple platforms, it can help you build a strong brand across the platforms such as Alibaba, Etsy, eBay, OnBuy, etc. 

5. Webretailer

Next in our list of Amazon Sellers Forums is Webretailer. With nearly 20k members worldwide, Webretailer is one of the oldest and most reliable e-commerce communities for Amazon sellers. Apart from discussions, you can find helpful tools, software, guides, and services to increase your market foothold. 

Webretailer Overview

As for Amazon sellers, it’s a great place to find FBA-related information including top-trending products, suppliers’ information, advertising tips, and a lot more. Apart from directories,  informative blogs, webinars, and how-to guides, the website also features interactions with successful sellers, sharing their strategies and experiences. 

You will find thousands of topics related to Amazon and eBay sales, product sourcing, multichannel management, shipping services, and global e-commerce. These are valuable resources for anyone interested in growing their sales on the platform.

6. AMZ Tracker Community Forum

Moving on to probably the best Amazon community for sellers – The AMZ Tracker Community. If you are not aware, AMZ Tracker is a one-stop solution for sellers, providing a bunch of tools and services to help them grow their businesses. 

AMZ Tracker Community Forum

On the AMZ Tracker community forum, you will find answers to all your questions related to Amazon product research, competition analysis, keywords, advertising, and so on. Whether you are selling under FBA or using your own fulfillment, you can meet experienced sellers who are ready to share their experience and tips. 

AMZ Tracker is a great place to learn the technicalities of the Amazon business. There are numerous topics where you can learn how to increase product rank, generate positive reviews, boost sales, and survive the initial period on the marketplace. 

7. UK Business Forums

If you are selling in Uk or conducting your business from the UK, there is no better community for you other than the UK Business Forums. The platform has a long-standing reputation for providing impartial and in-depth discussions among sellers across various online marketplaces. 

UK Business Forums

Particularly for newbies, it’s a very useful resource to find discussions on startups, business strategies, sales-related queries, dealing with suppliers, product launches, and more. As of now, the community has more than half a million monthly visitors, looking for answers to their business queries. 

Amazon sellers can find discussions on PPC marketing, product sales, finance management, legal information, etc. By joining the UK Business Forum, you have the opportunity to connect with other Amazon sellers, participate in discussions, and expand your professional network.

8. eCommerceFuel

If you are an experienced Amazon seller, looking to scale your business, you must check out eCommerceFuel where you will get genuine and quality discussions. Mind you it costs $49 to join the forum but the information is totally worth it. 

eCommerceFuel Overview

The Forum caters specifically to established businesses that generate six or seven-figure revenue, making it a valuable resource for professional sellers. The forum doesn’t tolerate any off-topic discussion, scams, or trolls so you will only find genuine Amazon sellers, sharing valuable information. You can also learn how other successful online merchants have grown and scaled their businesses over the years. 

If you are looking for a genuine source of information, eCommerceFuel is the place for you. The moderators are highly active, providing you with only qualified answers and eliminating any bogus comments instantly. The majority of members have endured a successful online business and have an average revenue of $5 million. 

9. Warrior Forum

This is one of the oldest ecommerce communities called Warrior Forum. With nearly 1.7 million members and 9 million posts, it’s sure a huge resource for all the business information you need. 

Warrior Forum Overview

The topics include Amazon services, SEO practices, selling tricks, marketing strategies, influencer programs, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.   You can also find numerous internet marketing tools, training, and products, useful to boost your traffic and sales. 

Notice that when you are looking for information on a forum with millions of members, there is a high chance of encountering trolls and fake information. Make sure you choose only the relevant topics to post your queries. 

10. Tamebay

Last in our list of Amazon Sellers Forums is Tamebay. Founded back in 2006 by two Britishers seller, Chris Dawson & Sue Bailey. Tamebay is one of the most popular websites in the world today in news & intelligence.

Tamebay Overview

Tamebay cant be officially called as a forum it is one of the best option for Britisher sellers on eBay & Amazon. Sellers will be updated with the latest trends and all the important announcement and developments in the industry.

It can be one of the best website for online selling, bringing traffic and converting your potential customers. Initially, it was created to give eBay users the right tools to enter into any online marketplace. Since then it has developed in a way that it can help any seller to sell their product even better.

This has turned out to be the perfect resource for people who are trying to grow their business online at a online marketplace.

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Final Word: Best Amazon Sellers Forums (2023)

Forum discussions, community chats, and webinars are effective ways to connect with other Amazon sellers and build a strong professional network. It can help you learn the fine details that you might be missing and eventually take your business to the next level. 

All the forums I mentioned are reliable sources of information. Take your time and search for the relevant threads and share/gain information. 

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