9 Best Amazon Review Checker (Top Rated 2023) 

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Want to know the Best Amazon Review Checker? You have made it to the right place. When determining whether or not to buy something online, the first thing people do is read user reviews. A short glance at the most recent reviews can reveal a lot about whether or not a product is worthwhile.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers pay for positive ratings in order to dupe shoppers into buying their inferior products. Some sellers utilize false positive ratings to persuade customers to buy things that might otherwise receive bad feedback.

This means you may be purchasing a product or item from a seller on Amazon who is using false product reviews without even realizing it. Any of the fake reviews may result in you receiving a subpar product and wasting your money.

Are positive product reviews important?


For internet clients, ratings serve as social evidence; a profile with 99% positive reviews indicates that your product is reliable. This indicates that if you want to attract good customers and sell more things at a higher price, you need to have great product reviews.

  • Reviews provide Market Intelligence
  • Customers love reviews
  • Good product reviews boost brand visibility and ranking 

When shopping for a product on Amazon, you may not always hunt for a fake review. You might spot some fake reviews and ratings paid by a seller for promoting substandard products with the use of a few essential review analysis tools and a little patience.

This is where Amazon Review Checkers come into play!

What are Amazon Review Checkers? 

An Amazon Review Checker is a tool that allows buyers to track suspicious “Positive” reviews and determine whether they are genuine or false reviews commissioned/bought by the seller to hype their product among their target demographics. You can use the tool to determine whether a customer review is genuine or not.

3 Checkers For Buyers to Figure Out Fake Review

Let’s take a quick look at how buyers to figure out fake review

Sr. No.Name FeaturesPricing
1.FAKESPOTAvailable on Mobile
Extension Available
2.THEREVIEWINDEXAvailable on Mobile
Extension Available on Chrome & FireFox
3.APPBOTIntegrations available with Zapier, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many more.Starts at $39/month

List Of 9+ Best Amazon Review Checkers

You can confirm that the products you buy have an accurate 5-star rating and aren’t inflated by seller reviews if you use the correct false review detector software. It’s not easy to spot bogus Amazon reviews. You’ll need a fake Amazon review checker, and I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 Amazon review checkers used by both buyers and sellers.

  • ReviewMeta
  • Fakespot
  • TheReviewIndex
  • AppBot
  • AMZ Tracker
  • Review Monitoring
  • AMZ Alert
  • AMZ Insight
  • eComEngine’s FeedbackFive

1. ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is a customer review checker that evaluates reviews using a number of methods to generate a rating based solely on genuine feedback. The purpose of ReviewMeta is to use data and algorithms to identify and delete ‘unnatural reviews,’ and to represent what unbiased shoppers genuinely think of a product.

Amazon Review Checkers- ReviewMeta

It’s easy to use ReviewMeta: simply copy and paste an Amazon URL and press Go. Only real customers’ reviews will be included in ReviewMeta’s Adjusted Rating, with ‘unnatural’ reviews filtered out.

There are also Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions, as well as iOS and Android apps, in addition to Reviewmeta’s browser analysis tool.

2. Fakespot

Fakespot was created to assist Amazon customers in analyzing and identifying fake reviews and counterfeit goods. The program is simple to use, and you can quickly check for fake Amazon reviews.

Fakespot Overview

Simply insert a URL into Fakespot’s analyzer to receive a review grade ranging from A to F based on the authenticity of the customer reviews. After the suspect ratings have been removed, and updated customer rating will be issued, which recalculates the customer ratings of a product.

Fakespot now has Chrome and Firefox extensions, as well as an Android app, so you can detect unscrupulous dealers no matter where you shop. Unfortunately, Apple has taken the iOS version off the App Store.

3. TheReviewIndex

TheReviewIndex is an Amazon review checker that is simple to use. Simply type in the product page’s Amazon URL. Allow the software to take care of the radius task. The platform also has a Chrome extension which makes things a lot easier.

TheReviewIndex Overview

It assesses all of the product’s reviews and assigns points out of 10. You also get a handy Pass icon or Fail icon, making it more convenient to segregate the reviews. It divides the total number of reviews into four categories: recent reviews, old reviews, verified reviews, and unverified reviews.

TheReviewIndex URL analyzer is available as a browser extension as well as Chrome and Firefox plugins.

4. AppBot

AppBot is a smartphone software that checks product reviews and ratings. In fact, firms like Verizon, Twitter, Microsoft, BMW, The New York Times, and others use it to check reviews. While AppBot is generally used to verify software reviews on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, it may also be used to evaluate Amazon.com product reviews. 

AppBot Overview

AppBot differs from other Amazon review checkers in a number of ways. Reviews are assessed and presented in a straightforward manner. Third-party integrations are a benefit of AppBot over other fake Amazon review checkers. Slack, Zendesk, Zapier, Freshdesk, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and other third-party sites are all smoothly integrated with AppBot. 

5. AMZ Tracker

Well, if you want to have an insider’s view into AMZTracker, check my in-depth AMZTracker Review here. 

Amazon businesses can use AMZ Tracker to check their reviews. It was created for Amazon sellers as an offensive and defensive strategy tool. You’ll use the defense plan elements to check for false Amazon reviews.

AMZ Tracker Overview

As an Amazon seller, you can use this application to protect your listings and eradicate phoney negative reviews left by malevolent competitors. This works through notifications, and you must first enable review monitoring for your items for them to operate.

When the AMZ tracker is set up with your store, it will notify you whenever someone leaves a review or rating that is less than 5 stars. You can read the review right away to see if the customer’s claims regarding your product are genuine or incorrect, and then respond.

6. Review Monitoring

When the AMZ tracker is set up with your store, it will notify you whenever someone leaves a review or rating that is less than 5 stars. You can read the review right away to see if the customer’s claims regarding your product are genuine or incorrect, and then respond.

Review Monitoring Overview

Review monitoring helps in automating consumer input, review research, and also analytics to offer Amazon sellers with the answers they need to improve the performance of the product over time while properly understanding the needs of their customers and target market.

The Word Cloud function may instantly display negative words and positive words from the previous year’s entries. The Weaknesses feature can display a keyword’s semantic relationship, which is useful for product enhancements. 

7. AMZ Alert

AMZ Alert is an Amazon Monitoring Software that is used to keep track of Amazon reviews. It works in a similar way to the previously stated fake Amazon review checker tools. Smart Automation Technology is used as a trustworthy tool. 

AMZ Alert Overview

Simply enter the product ASIN on its platform to check for phoney reviews on your products. If you receive any unfavorable reviews, you will be notified by email or SMS. This enables you to analyze reviews fast before other buyers.

AMZ Alert, surprisingly, allows you to establish automated reactions to such negative reviews, allowing you to quickly write a good remark to disapprove the bogus review for others to see. AMZ Alert has the advantage of supporting all Amazon seller account types. Vendor central, vendor express, and seller central accounts are all included. 

8. AMZ Insight

AMZ Insight is one of the best platforms for the Amazon review checker for the sellers, which helps you to find out the negative reviews. It offers lots more service than checking reviews. With the help of AMZ Insight, you can discover competitors’ actions and profitable products, boost organic traffic, and a lot more. 

AMZ Insight Overview

The review tracker of AMZ Insight works in a smart way to find out all the crucial reviews with a three-star rating and below. You can also get an alert for negative reviews and instantly respond to unhappy customers. Improve the rating and solve the customer issue with a negative review tracker. 

9. eComEngine’s FeedbackFive

You can opt for eComEngine’s FeedbackFive only if you are willing to get a paid plan, don’t worry they also come with a free version too. This tool is tailor made for Seller and not Shoppers. It provides a great way to communicate betting buyers and sellers. It’s dashboard consists of ‘negative feedback’ which can help you detect fake reviews. It does come up with automate emails to the clients. This tool is a very handy tool for sellers.

eComEngine’s FeedbackFive Overview

Why should you use an Amazon Review Checker? 

It’s difficult to get genuine customers to submit evaluations, and excellent reviews aren’t guaranteed. Despite this, Amazon is attempting to combat fake reviews in a variety of ways. Fake reviews will grow unless Amazon takes steps to manage the situation. The firms that follow the regulations are being harmed by these fake evaluations. As a result, as a vendor or even as a customer, you must analyze your Amazon product reviews.

Overall, an Amazon shopper or seller should use a reliable Amazon Review Checker to ensure that they get to read verified reviews from authentic customers rather than spam, bots, or irate competition. As a result, using a good and trustworthy Amazon Review Checker tool is critical when dealing with unwanted fake product reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

Not always!
Unlike some of its competitors’ offerings, Amazon has hundreds to thousands of ratings. Some of the remarks are unreliable. Recent allegations from a false website and a fake website have promoted dangerous goods sales while hurting actual sales, leading to substantial brand reductions. As a result, using an Amazon review checker or Amazon review analyzer to detect false reviews is recommended. 

How should I spot fake product reviews on Amazon?

It may be simple to gather reviews and ratings, but you must investigate at least a few of them to determine whether they are trustworthy. Keep an eye out for unnecessarily glowing and negative evaluations. Check to see if there’s a pattern. Look for evaluations that are too enthusiastic and don’t provide enough information. Look for reviews that describe a unique experience with the product compared to the rest. Look for a cluster of reviews that appear to be unreliable at the same time.

How do positive reviews affect brand visibility and ranking?

The list of products in a seller’s catalog defines his or her brand. Sellers with a diverse product offering will have a lot of opportunities to earn favorable feedback if they meet their consumers’ expectations. Having positive ratings on Amazon and elsewhere will increase brand awareness and visibility. 

What kind of reviews can be suspicious?

It’s possible to be cautious of reviews that are overly enthusiastic or negative without providing enough detail. Suspicious behavior may also be indicated by the very brief five-star and one-star reviews, especially if they’re all placed on the same day. As a result, always keep an eye out for reviews that provide context for the provided grade.

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Conclusion: Which Amazon Review Checker do I recommend? 

All of the tools listed above are capable of scrutinizing the fake unwanted reviews on Amazon products. Particularly the top 3, ReviewMeta, FakeSpot, and The ReviewIndex.

If you’re an Amazon regular, you can utilize ReviewMeta or Fakespot’s verified algorithm to check the good and negative reviews of the things you desire or need before making a purchase. Customers who don’t want to waste time reading thousands of product evaluations on their favorite websites will appreciate the Chrome addon.

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