9 Best Amazon Chrome Extension For Amazon Sellers In 2023

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Looking for the best Amazon Chrome Extension to fast-forward your business operations? Look no further as I am going to walk you through some of the best extensions out there. Stay tuned to find out more. 

Amazon extensions are a good way to find crucial information and perform some key tasks without visiting websites. You can easily download and add them to Google Chrome and accomplish several tasks such as product research, profit estimation, and so on.

In this article, I will cover the best Amazon extensions that you can find in 2023. We will also discuss their price, performance and overall value they bring to your Amazon business.  

Top 9 Amazon Chrome Extension

Let’s take a quick look at the Top 9 Amazon Chrome Extension

Sr. No.ExtensionPriceRatingTop Feature
2.AMZ Scout Pro$45.99/month8.5/10Supplier Data
3.Jungle Scout$49/month9/10Opportunity Score
4.Market Intelligence$69/month8/10Product/PPC data
5.AmzdatastudioFree 9/10Keyword Analysis
6.SellerAppFree8/10Profit Calculator
7.KeepaFree7.5/10Price Drop Alert
8.Amazon AssistantFree7/10Alert on Potential Products
9.Honey Free 8/10Finds you the right Coupon code or discount for your product

1. Xray Chrome Extension – Helium 10

First in our list of Amazon Chrome Extensionis Xray. It is a part of Helium 10’s seller toolkit. The extension can be downloaded for free from Helium 10’s website or Chrome webstore. 

Xray is basically a product analysis tool that brings you vital product data within seconds while you’re browsing the Amazon website. 

Xray Chrome Extension - Helium 10

With Xray, you can retrieve product data including the average price, revenue, and reviews. Not only that, but you can also download bulk reviews and monitor the top sellers and their listing pages to find out the smallest details possible. 

Xray also comes with a profitability calculator which gives you the potential profit a product is going to make based on selling costs, pricing trends, and demand. 

Price$39/month, $348/year
Most Suitable forProduct analysis, Profit estimation
Rating 9.5/10★

2. AMZScout Pro 

AMZScout Pro extension can give you the feel of the niche you’re trying to target on Amazon. You can check the product demand and competition along with the expected profit it can generate to figure out whether the given product deserves your time and attention. 

AMZScout Pro

You can also track down your rival’s top products to stay in the competition. AMZScout Pro also helps you locate the global supplier along with their rating and prices within a few clicks. This helps you find the most economical suppliers for your inventory. 

You can also monitor your competitors’ stocks, pricing trends, sales, etc, and download the entire data for future reference. 

Price$45.99/month, $197.99/year, $499 
Most Suitable forSupplier research and comparison
Rating 8.5/10★

3. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout extension is sellers’ favorite due to its easy-to-use interface where you can find any product information within seconds. 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

It’s extension can help you find new product opportunities as you browse through the Amazon shopping website. Furthermore, you can validate your product selection through monthly sales, pricing history, and sales history. 

You can also find out the Opportunity score – Jungle Scout’s own rating to determine how easy it is to sell the product. It can also embed the key product details right on the Amazon product page. Jungle Scout also shows you high-efficiency graphs and charts of sales data, PPC history, and so on, with a bunch of filters to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Price$49/month, $348/year
Most Suitable forProduct Discovery
Rating 9/10★

4. Market Intelligence by Viral Launch

Next in our list of Amazon Chrome Extension is Market Intelligence. It extension helps you find out the current market trends on Amazon. You can find the most profitable products to sell on Amazon and if you have doubts, you can analyze their sales history, pricing trends, revenue, etc to make sure you have the best product in your hands. 

Market Intelligence by Viral Launch

The extension also features a profit calculator where you can find out the potential profit you are going to make with a particular product. 

Extension comes bundled with the Viral launch seller suite where you can enjoy high-quality product research and PPC tools to take your Amazon business to the next level. 

Price$69/month, $696/year
Most Suitable forCompetitor Analysis, PPC analysis
Rating 8/10★

5. Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker – Amzdatastudio

KW Index and Rank Tracker is a free extension to find the keywords’ performance across various Amazon marketplaces. 

It’s a product from AMZDataStudio which is a popular Keyword research tool for Amazon. With this extension, you can track the keyword rank from any ASIN on Amazon. All you have to do is choose the marketplace, enter the product ASIN, and key phrase, and hit enter. 

Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker - Amzdatastudio

You can also find out the indexing of any keyword along with the monthly search volume. All this information helps you choose the best keywords for your Amazon product page. 

PriceFree of cost
Most Suitable forKeyword Analysis
Rating 9/10★

6. FBA Calculator – SellerApp

As a seller, you always want to know the possible gain/loss before launching a product. The FBA calculator, a part of the SellerApp package, helps you estimate the profit you can make by selling a particular product. 

The FBA calculator predicts the profit based on the product you pick. It smartly adds the Amazon and referral fees for the particular product category. Shipping costs, and so on, to give you the most accurate estimation of the profit margin. 

FBA Calculator - SellerApp

You can easily compare the profit margins using different suppliers and other selling points. Also, you can easily find out whether you should choose FBA or FBM to make the maximum profit from the item. 

PriceFree of cost
Most Suitable forProfitability Analysis
Rating 8/10★

7. Keepa

You can download Keepa to set a price-drop alert on your web browser. Keepa can retrieve pricing details of any product on the entire global Amazon marketplace. You can simply track down a product and compare its international price across various marketplaces. 


When you download the extension, you can see all the pricing information including history, and trends right on the Amazon product page. You can select the products for future consideration and every time there is a price drop, Keeps will notify you. 

PriceFree of cost
Most Suitable forPrice tracker and alert
Rating 7.5/10★

8. Amazon Assistant

Tired with opening multiple tabs in search of finding the perfect product? Guess what we are about to give you the Gold Dust. You can keep browsing and let the Amazon Assistant Extension do its work and you will be alerted when they find the perfect product match for your search on Amazon.

Amazon Assistant extension
Price Free
Most Suitable Alert to Potential Product

9. Honey

Honey Overview

Last in our list of Best Amazon Chrome Extension is Honey. This tool will come in handy and definitely a time saver for your product list. Let me tell you how. When you are creating a shortlist for your products that you want to purchase, just add Honey to your extension. This extension will check out all the coupons and discount codes through the internet which you can apply and save bucks with out doing all of that manually. It’s a free Amazon Chrome Extension.

Price Free
Most Suitable Finds you the right Coupon code or discount for your product

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Verdict: And the Best Amazon Chrome Extension Is?

Selling on Amazon requires a lot of planning along with tons of data analysis and calculations. Yes, these can be done manually, but hiring an expert may hurt your budget even before you start making a profit. Also, the chances of error will be very high. 

Amazon extensions give you the information you need at your fingertips while you are browsing through the Amazon website. It gives you the freedom to search for fruitful products, high-volume keywords, competitors’ products, and much more without opening multiple websites and seller pages. The extensions come in handy when preparing the inventory and going through hundreds of Amazon pages. 

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while picking up the right extension for you:

  • Always check the price of the extension. You don’t want to spend chunks on an extension alone. Helium 10 is a free extension that you can use to find products, estimate profit, etc.
  • If you are willing to pay for an extension, always go with the one that’s a part of the seller toolkit. There are several toolkits that provide extensions such as Jungle Scout, AMZScout, Viral launch, etc. 

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