AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout: The Ultimate Battle Of 2023!

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Still, figuring which one to choose: AmazeOWL or Jungle Scout?

If so, this detailed comparison of AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout helps get an insider’s view into these tools. 

Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL are two reliable Amazon seller tools available. Both the tools have some common features, however, they have several differences as well. 

To help you understand these tools —Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL, I have done an in-depth comparison here. For comparing these tools I took various parameters such as — overview, key differences, features, data accuracy, affordability, ease of use, interface, affordability, and so on. 

Without further ado let’s get started with AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout . By the end of this comparison, you will get to know which one to choose. 

AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout: Overview & Key Takeaway

Before rushing to a conclusion, let me first give a brief overview of these two Amazon seller tools.

AmazeOWL Overview:

AmazeOWL is a reliable product research tool that helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Using AmazeOWL you can easily find products that have low competition and high profitability. You can also save and track the products you’re researching and even create a proper list of products. 

AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout  - Amazeowl

As far as my experience with AmazeOWL, I found it useful for carrying out our product research. AmazeOWL has two dedicated applications for Windows and Mac users. What’s more, AmazeOWL also has robust browsers extensions available to carry out research on the go. 

Jungle Scout Overview: 

Jungle Scout is the one-stop solution for starting, managing, and growing your Amazon selling business. It offers a one-stop suite of tools from finding profitable products to creating a listing, and sourcing suppliers — Jungle Scout has a set of robust tools. 

Jungle Scout - Overview

As far as my experience with Jungle Scout I can say — It’s an all-in-one solution for growing as an Amazon seller. In fact, I have done a detailed review of Jungle Scout here to help you get detailed insights into Jungle Scout.

The Differences: What’s the Key Takeaway

Before rushing to other aspects of this comparison let’s understand the what’s the difference between these two tools — Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL. 

  • AmazeOWL is best suited for finding profitable products to sell on Amazon. While Jungle Scout offers a one-stop suite of tools for Amazon Sellers
  • AmazeOWL has desktop apps and browser extensions available. While Jungle Scout has web-based tools and browser extensions as well. In fact, Jungle Scout has a mobile application. 
  • AmazwOWL interface is a bit nested and complicated for beginners. However, Jungle Scout has an easy interface for everyone — beginners, intermediate and advanced Amazon sellers. 
  • AmazeOWL has a free plan however, Jungle Scout doesn’t have any free plan available. 
  • AmazeOWL pricing is cheaper compared to Jungle Scout. However, Jungle Scout is more than just a product research tool.
  • AmazeOWL has customer support but it isn’t as great as Jungle Scout customer support. Jungle Scout customer support is reliable and responsive no matter what kind of plan you choose. 

AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout: Data Accuracy

When I started as an Amazon seller, I relied on many tools’ data. After trying many Amazon seller tools, I found out not all tool data is reliable and accurate. Let’s compare the data accuracy of Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL

AmazeOWL Data Accuracy

AmazeOWL data reliability is much lower compared to Jungle Scout, and the margin of error with AmazeOWL is greater. As per the case study and research did by Jungle Scout, the data accuracy of AmazeOWL is 61.2% accurate. It’s evident, Jungle Scout is 27% more accurate than AmazeOWL. 

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout started as a product research tool, so they invested a lot in data and statistics. It’s has a reputation for data aggregation and analysis among competing Amazon seller tools.

Jungle Scout - Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout data is 84.1% accurate, which is the most reliable number of any Amazon seller tool. That means they an 84% chance that their sales estimation is correct and you can rely on Jungle Scout. 

Winner: As you can clearly see, Jungle Scout is the clear winner when it comes to data accuracy. Jungle Scout is a safer choice where you can rely on the data and statistics provided. 

AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout: Features Compared

Let’s compare the features of Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL. I’ll be adding a table below so that you can have an idea of which tools offer what. 

Let me say one thing, Jungle Scout has a complete set of tools and features for Amazon sellers. While AmazeOWL comes with reliable features of product research only. 

Jungle ScoutAmazeOWL
Data Accuracy
Request Review In One Click
On-Demand Video Guide
Step By Step Case Study
Opportunity Finder
Global Suppliers Database
Inventory Manager
Opportunity Score
20+ Customer Support Reps
8 Figure Amazon Seller Founder
Product Launch Service
Freelancer Marketplace
Unlimited Email Follow up Campaigns
Amazon Product Reserach
Product Tracking
Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Rank Tracker
Profit & Sales Tracking
AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout — Features Comparison

Winner: No doubt, Jungle Scout is the clear winner when it comes to features. It offers a more complete set of features compared to Jungle Scout. Yes, Jungle Scout is the one-stop solution for Amazon sellers, while AmazeOWL only helps you with product research only. 

AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout: Ease of Use & Interface

Let’s compare the ease of use and interface of both AmazeOWL and Jungle Scout. 

Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL come with some similar features, let’s compare the ease of use, and the feel of using those features live and stereo. 

Amaze OWL Ease of Use & Interface 

For comparing AmazeOWL ease of use I’m going to take — AmazeOWL Product Database. 

The product database of AmazeOWL is different compared to Jungle Scout. The interface is okay where you can choose from different categories, add filters, etc. Once you click on any particular product, you’re going to have more information about that product. 

To be honest AmazeOWL the filters and other options are a bit nested.  I can say, the Jungle Scout product database has a clean and intuitive interface which makes Jungle Scout more user-friendly. 

Jungle Scout Ease of Use & Interface 

For explaining the ease of use of Jungle Scout, I’m going to review its Product Database feature. 

Using the Jungle Scout product database you can easily carry out product research on the go. What’s more, you can apply different filters to check potential products in different categories and various filter options. You can choose from different filters such as — categories, fulfillment methods, review count, price, rank, and so on

Jungle Scout Product Database

Once you hit the search button you will have many products to choose from and you will get thousands of products to choose from. You will get various useful metrics such as — Amazon Seller Fees, reviews, ranks, and so on.

I found the Jungle Scouts’ product database easy to use, and the data accuracy is just GREAT!

Well, you can view 100 products on a single page and then can check another page for more products. What’s more, you also have the option to view any product’s seasonal sales trends and stats. 

Jungle-Scout-Product List

From the Product Database, you can directly send product ideas, to Product Tracker of Jungle Scout

Winner: As per my experience, Jungle Scout has an easy interface compared to AmazeOWL. Both the tools Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL has an easy interface, but Jungle Scout has a clear edge. 

AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout: Affordability?

Let’s compare the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and AmazeOWL. 

Yes, AmazeOWL is affordable compared to Jungle Scout. The key takeaway is — Jungle Scout has a one-stop suite of tools for selling on Amazon. While AmazeOWL only allows you to do product research and find products to sell on Amazon. 

Anyways, let’s compare the pricing plans of AmazeOWL and Jungle Scout. 

AmazeOWL Pricing Plans:

AmazeOWL has a flexible and affordable pricing structure, in fact, it has a free plan available with a limited set of features. Let’s check the pricing plans of AmazeOWL.

AmazeOwl - Pricing

1. AmazeOWL Growth Plan:

The Growth plan costs $19.99/month. This plan is suited to beginners who are getting started. The plan includes these features — product tracker, ten niches, track 10 keywords, research 10 keywords, discount on AmazeOWL academy, basic support, etc. 

2. AmazeOWL Established Plan:

The Established plan costs $19.99/month when billed monthly. This plan is suited to sellers who have some experience selling on Amazon. With this plan, you can easily track up to 300 niches, track 50 keywords, product database with 200 searches, research around 100 keywords per product, around 30% discount on AmazeOWL academy, on priority customer support. 

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans:

Well, Jungle Scout plans are a bit expensive compared to Jungle Scout. However, Jungle Scout is worthed every single penny you invest in Jungle Scout. Let’s check the pricing plans of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout - Pricing

1. Jungle Scout Basic Plan :

The base plan costs $49/month or $29/month yearly. The plan comes with limited access to the features of Jungle Scout. With this plan you get — product tracker for 3 ASINs, historical product/keyword tracking (one month), reliable support, and unlimited access to review requests.

2. Jungle Scout Suite Plan:

The suite plan costs $69/month or $49/month yearly. All the basic plan features are included. What’s more, you will get — product tracker of around 150 ASINs, historical product/keyword tracking (3 per month), advanced Amazon seller tools, priority support, and so on. 

3. Jungle Scout Professional Plan :

The professional plan costs $129/month or $84/month yearly. This plan includes all the features of the Suite plan. You will also get access to — Product Tracker around 1000 ASINs, Historical Product Tracking for 6 months data, historical keyword tracking for two years data, advanced sell tools and 5000 keywords in the rank tracker, and so on.

Well, all the plans of Jungle Scout come with 7 days money-back guarantee. 

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Winner: Clearly, Jungle Scout is expensive than AmazeOWL however, it worth every single penny you invest. Jungle Scout offers one suite of tools for Amazon sellers. Also, Jungle Scout is backed with much higher data accuracy compared to AmazeOWl. On the other hand, AmazeOWL is affordable but it only offers product research features. 

Which One Has Better Customer Support & Resources? 

Customer support and resources are the two main aspects that you should look at before getting started with any tool. Let’s see what value these tools provide in terms of customer support and resources. 

1. AmazeOWL Customer Support & Resources

AmazeOWL customer support is good, and they offer customer support with its paid plans. What’s more, they also have AmazeOWL academy which is paid. As per my experience, the paid AmazeOWL academy is worth the shot — but for beginners only. They also have free courses and resources available but they won’t provide that much value. Their resources section is dedicated to Amazon sellers only. 

2. Jungle Scout Customer Support & Resources

Jungle Scout has 24/7 round-the-clock customer support available. Also, they provide built-in training modules and a vast library of free educational content.

Jungle Scout also has a top-reviewed customer support team which is run by top Amazon experts who love to answer your queries. What’s more, you will also get setp by step guides on using its particular set of tools and features. 

Jungle Scout - Customer Support

Moreover, with a massive library of training materials — you can make the most use of the Jungle Scout tool. You will also get the following benefits — Library of in-depth videos for Amazon sellers tried/tested Amazon seller tips, case studies, live onboarding training, tooltip, regular webinars, and so on. 

Winner: When it comes to customer support and resources, Jungle Scout is the clear winner. From a round-clock support team to a massive library of guides, case studies, and videos — Jungle Scout provides the real value. 

AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout.

AmazeOwl Pros

We have listed below the AmazeOwl Pros:

  • It comes with a free plan which gives you all the necessary features to get an understanding of this tool.
  • You can get in-depth insights on any product.
  • AmazeOwl offers a desktop app that you can install on your Mac or Windows.
  • It gives you a visualized version of all the data statistics, which makes it easier for you to understand.
  • It allows you to track multiple products & keywords at once.

AmazeOwl Cons

We have listed below the AmazeOwl Cons:

  • In the desktop app, you can not access all the features, and its interface is difficult to navigate.
  • In the free plan, you don’t get decent customer support service.

Jungle Scout Pros

We have listed below the Jungle Scout Pros:

  • Jungle Scout is a beginner-friendly tool that gives everything you need to start your Amazon seller journey.
  • The Inventory Management and Listing Builder tools can help you a lot.
  • Jungle Scout offers a lot of unique features, such as Review Automation and Opportunity Finder, which you won’t find on AmazeOwl.
  • It has a huge suppliers database that allows you to find suppliers for your products.
  • Jungle Scout offers a lot of free learning resources, such as Jungle Scout Academy.

Jungle Scout Cons

We have listed below the Jungle Scout Cons:

  • It does not offer a free plan or a free trial.
  • It does not offer any PPC tool to manage your ad campaigns.

More Comparisons:

Conclusion: AmazeOWL vs Jungle Scout, Which One Worth The HYPE?

Well, the answer is — it all depends on your decision and requirements. 

Let us make the decision easy, if you’re looking for a product research tool with a tight budget — get started with AmazwOWL. However, if you’re looking for a robust one-stop suite of tools  — Jungle Scout is the best choice available. As Jungle Scout comes with all the features and tools you will need to excel as an Amazon seller. 

Well, you try both the tools on your own and then decide. AmazeOWL offers a 14-days trial offer. While Jungle Scout offers a 7 days money-back guarantee. 

Let us know which one you gonna choose. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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