6 Best Accounting Software For Amazon Sellers (2023)

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Are you looking for best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers? Then you have come at the right place. Amazon is a great business opportunity for sure but it’s not just a sweet ride. While selling on Amazon, you have to deal with many factors such as product research, keywords, finances, inventory, and much more. And as your business grows, it’s nearly impossible to dedicate time to all of this. 

As far as accounting and finances are concerned, you may take help from experts. But a more effective and economical way is through accounting software. There are several accounting software and platforms available on the market and some of them are exclusively for Amazon merchants. 

With these programs, you can automate several financial activities such as sending invoices, customer management, inventory monitoring, tax calculations, and so on. Not only it ensures faultless operations, but it also leaves you plenty of time you can dedicate to other important aspects such as marketing, product research, etc. 

But it’s quite a daunting task to find software that works for you. So to assist you with that, I am going to talk about the best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers in 2023.

Amazon Seller

So, Let’s get going with Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers. 

Accounting Software For Amazon Sellers: In A Nutshell

Before we begin, here is a highlight of the Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers you can find to manage your Amazon finances. 

Helium 10$29/monthA complete seller suite
Jungle Scout$29/monthRobust product research 
Sage$7.50 /monthStock Management
OnlineBookkeeping$12.50/monthEmployee Payroll service
AccountEdge$499 – LifetimePerfect for mac users
GoDaddy Bookkeeping$5/monthCost Effective.


Why Should You Use Amazon Accounting Software?

Just like any other traditional business, Amazon’s business involves a lot of numbers and calculations. Amazon accounting software provides you with a centralized solution to handle all your financial and economical activities regarding your Amazon seller account. 

As your inventory gets bigger and you start making more sales, manual accounting may not be so easy. Yes, you can hire trained professionals, but that also requires a lot of time and money. And also, with human involvement, there is always some margin for error. The accounting software can handle a bunch of operations such as sales estimations, payments, billing, inventory tracking, gathering market data, etc. 

With accounting software, you can do taxes, custom invoicing, and manage sales, and customers’ data. Some accounting software also provides with employee management facility that you can use to supervise a small team and automate the salary, staff management, and much more. 

Here are some of the common features that you may find in Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers:

Let’s take a look at the common features of Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers:

  • Tax assessment
  • Gives you access to historic data on sales, products, expenses, and profit
  • Creating and downloading expense reports
  • Most accounting software comes with an Inventory management tool to keep you up-to-date with your products’ quantity, requirements, etc
  • Creating and sending custom invoices to your customers
  • Employee payroll facility to manage a group of team

best accounting software for amazon sellers 2023

I am going to talk about my Top 6 Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers from 2023. The programs are included on the basis of their overall functionality, price point, and the value they bring. So let’s get started with Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers.

1. Helium 10 – Profits

Let’s start with the best one out of Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers – Helium 10 Profit. The software is a part of the Helium 10 seller suite and has been designed exclusively to assist Amazon sellers in systematizing their business in a more efficient matter. With Profit, you can automate your financial activities as well as bookkeeping directly from the Helium 10 dashboard. 

To start off, you get a tax estimator which works on the basis of region and automatically calculates the amount of tax applied to an item being sold, depending on the geographic location. According to your premium plan, the profit calculator analyzes the data frequently to give you the latest numbers and figures. 

Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers - Helium 10

Not only that, you can monitor individual product performance as well as inventory levels to keep your stock in check based on the performance reports. Furthermore, The profit tool also takes care of the expenses per product to let you figure out the net profit you are making on each item in your inventory. You can also track the returns/refunds and customers’ reviews from the Profit dashboard. 

Let’s have a quick look at the highlights of Helium 10 – Profit:

  • Accessible through a computer, smartphone, and tablet
  • The simple user interface is perfect for merchants with limited accounting and business knowledge.
  • Monitor your clove competitors’ growth, profit, and strategies with a powerful competition analysis tool.
  • The profitability tool can help give you an estimation of expenses and profit so that you can implement the strategies accordingly.
  • Comes with a free FBA training program where you can learn Amazon business from the inside out.
  • 14 additional FBA tools to manage your FBA business from the get-go.

Helium 10 – Profits Pricing Detail

You can acquire access to Helium 10 –  Profit with any of the 4 premium plans – Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite. 

The starter plan comes at $29/month and allows you to use all the standard profit tools and features.

The platinum plan costs $84 where you get advanced bookkeeping features including the automation of up to 2000 customers’ details. 

Helium 10 Pricing

If you are running a big-scale Amazon business, you can buy the Diamond and Elite plan at $209 and $399 respectively. With the Diamond plan, you get access to a profitability calculator while the Elite plan provides you priority support and access to exclusive social media groups and sessions with industry experts. 

2. Jungle Scout

Similar to Helium 10 – Profit, Jungle Scout financial management comes as a part of the seller package. Jungle Scout is one of the most prominent seller suites for Amazon sellers and allows you to govern your entire Amazon activities from a centralized dashboard including accounting and bookkeeping. Nearly 1/3rd of successful Amazon sellers have used Jungle Scout at least once during their Amazon journey and have nothing but nice things to say about the platform. 

The platform is extremely easy, to begin with, and smoothly syncs with your Amazon seller account and you can track your sales, profit margin, and expenses with a few clicks. 

Jungle Scout

Jungle scout regularly assesses the entire Amazon database to give you the most accurate forecasts regarding product performance, expected profit, and expenses. Also, it can extract the financial information on demand to give you the details on your past sales records, expenses, refunds, PPC-related information, and much more. It also keeps an eye on the bills and dues to be paid and notifies you so that you never miss the deadline and get slapped with the late fee. There is also a tax calculator which gives you an accurate tax estimation for each product, depending on the location it’s being sold to. 

The best thing about Jungle Scout is that you get access to a complete seller suite which is considered to be the best in the market where you can do product research, keyword management, listing optimization, and much more. 

Here are some quick features of Jungle Scout:

  • Allows you to send automated invoices to the customers
  • Easy to analyze the expenses and forecast profit for each product
  • The product research tool gives you accurate records regarding the products so you can create an optimum strategy to make the maxim profit out of your inventory
  • Automate review requests right from the Jungle Scout dashboard
  • Access to more than 12 Amazon FBA seller tools such as product research, product tracking, keyword management, listing optimization, inventory management, and much more.
  • Jungle Scout academy training to learn the basics of Amazon business. 

Jungle Scout Pricing Detail

Jungle Scout comes in 3 premium plans:

The Basic plan costs $29/month. You get the standard bookkeeping features along with access to the review automation tool. 

Priced at $49/month, the Suite plan allows you to add additional users to your Jungle Scout account. Also, you get access to up to 1 year of product history, PPC analytics feature, and several other seller tools including product research and listing optimization. 

Jungle Scout - Pricing

The Professional plan comes at $84/month. You can add up to additional users and retrieve up to 2 years of product historical information such as price, sales, demands, and so on. You also get review automation, sales monitoring tools, tax assistance, etc. You can also check our working Jungle Scout Discount code here.

3. Sage

Moving on to the next one, Sage is one of the UK’s biggest accounting software producers. The company is known for its accurate data and impactful tools that can transform how you manage your Amazon business and bookkeeping. 

You can connect your Amazon seller account to Sage accounting in a few steps and the software will inherit all your account settings, administration information, and business details including sales and expenses. The program also comes with a stock management tool that enables you to create custom invoices, real-time profit analysis, tax and dues estimation, and much more. 


The platform also comes with an app marketplace where you can download tonnes of supporting apps to streamline your account management. 

Let’s check out some key features of Sage:

  • Estimate taxes and helps you with legal procedures such as filing for a refund from Amazon.
  • Allows you to add additional users in case you have a team managing the financial end of your business
  • Numerous app integrations to increase the functionality
  • Can automatically extract information and download documents through real-time bank feed
  • Download receipts for future references
  • Notifies you about due payments and sends custom invoices to customers.
  • Cashflow protection
  • Perfect if you are targeting the Amazon UK market

Sage Pricing Detail

You can choose one of the three Sage premium plans – Start, Standard, and Plus

The Start plan

Priced at ~$7.50/month. You get bank reconciliation, VAT calculation, payment reminders, and custom invoicing. It comes with a single-user license with no ability to add additional ones. 

The Standard plan

Coming at £13/month (~$15/month). It allows you to add unlimited users, send quotes and estimations, monitor and submit CIS, advanced reporting, cashflow prediction, and much more

The Plus

Plan will cost you £16.50/month (~$20/month) and supports multi-currency invoicing and banking along with inventory management tools. 

4. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is definitely one of the best, if not the best bookkeeping software for Amazon sellers. The simplified yet intuitive interface makes it a perfect solution for amateurs who don’t have prior experience in accounting or business management. 

It provides everything you need to supervise your financial activities including tax assessment, custom invoicing, expense and profit analysis, and much more. Not only that, you get the facility to track down your inventory at more than one location as well as individual product history and sales prospects.

Probably the best feature of QuickBooks Online is that you can easily link your account to with e-stock tracker to monitor your stocks online. If you are managing a small to medium size team, you can use an employee management tool to handle salary distribution, employee records, and so on. 

QuickBooks Online

If you are planning to control your financial activities all by yourself or have a small staff to do so, QuickBooks online has every tool in the arsenal to assist you in running your Amazon business hassle-free. 

Here are some of the key features of the QuickBooks Online:

  • Integrates with QuickBooks Activate for efficient stock tracking
  • It integrates with popular payment platforms and allows you to track due payments for your inventory. 
  • Automatically calculates tax deduction and sales tax
  • You can sync your QuickBooks with multiple bank accounts
  • Monitor your inventory level constantly so that you never run out of stocks
  • Employee management to handle a small team, salady distribution, employees data, and much more
  • Customized invoicing, documentation of profit and expenses

QuickBooks Online Pricing Detail

QuickBooks Online comes in 4 affordable premium plans – Simple, Essential, Plus, and Advanced. 

The Simple Plan

Priced at just $12.50/month and comes with a single-user license and standard bookkeeping features.

The Essential Plan

Will be costing you $25/month. It comes with 3 additional user licenses and some advanced features like payment reminders.

The Plus plan

For $40/month, will give you a 5-user license and top features including Inventory management.

The Advanced plan

Costing $90/month and you get premium features such as training programs, employee management, and much more. 

5. AccountEdge

The last one on my list is one of the oldest and most steadfast accounting management programs – AccountEdge. Since its inception in 1989, It’s been a popular automation tool for thousands of Amazon sellers over the years. It’s one of the few accounting software that works perfectly on macOS as it does on the Windows platform. 

The platform offers a variety of tools to handle your finances whether it’s bank transactions or preparing custom reports. The centralized dashboard allows you to perform the majority of tasks from one place, in just a few clicks. For beginners, it’s going to be a breeze to navigate through the tools and features, thanks to an intuitive user interface. 


You can retrieve your sales figures, send custom invoices, and manage your bank relations and transactions. There are some useful bookkeeping features as well including a sales tracker, product history, and inventory management in particular which keeps you updated on your stock levels all the time.

Let’s have a look at some key features of AccountEdge

  • Cross-platform software, works well on Windows, Android, macOS, etc.
  • Automatically calculates and implements the sales tax, depending on the geographical location
  • Allows you to monitor the inventory levels continuously
  • You can create supply orders, handle the purchase, and billing for your inventory
  • Makes sure all your sales data stays confidential and safe
  • Smooth bank account integration for online payments and other transactions

AccountEdge Pricing Detail

You can get a lifetime subscription to AccountEdge at $499 which seems to be a very good deal. However, you need to purchase the user license separately:

AccountEdge Pricing
  • 1 user/month – $10
  • 5 users/month – $25
  • 10 users/month – $50
  • 50 users/month – $100

6. GoDaddy Bookkeeping

If you are someone who has just started or begun with your Amazon Seller Journey with zero experience and not much practical knowledge then GoDaddy Bookkeeping is the ideal Accounting Software for you. GoDaddy Bookkeeping is considered as one of the best for beginners for business handling website. It initially started as Outright and later after GoDaddy acquired it was turned to GoDaddy Bookkeeping.

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

You can integrate various third party financial services. It also offers various different features such as business analysis, expense and profit reports, tax assistance and much more. Customer Privacy, Data Flow and other security options are well managed by the platform. Only one drawback which can be considered is you can connect your seller account to bank account.

Let’s have a look at some key features of GoDaddy Bookkeeping

  • Keeps a Record of your all expenses be it profit, loss or anything for future use.
  • You will get proper insights on your tax deduction & charges.
  • Customised invoices can be prepared and send to the customers.
  • People with no major experience can also start with it.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Pricing Detail:

It offers 3 Premium Plans which starts from $5, $10 and ends with $15/Month.

With $5 you will get all the basic features from invoice, time tracking to much more.

Then Comes the Essential Plan which will offer synchronize with your bank accounts, unlimited financial reports and much more.

Premium Plan will cost you $15/month, which will offer you all the premium features provided by GoDaddy.

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software For Amazon Sellers?

When you are choosing accounting software, there are a few things to keep in mind. Although nearly all of them come with some common features, it’s important to look at the distinctive ones. 

The idea behind using an accounting program is to save time and money that you would otherwise spend on hiring a professional and doing the numbers manually. So make sure that the software is not too pricy. Some of them may offer a lifetime subscription as well. So if you are here for a long-haul, you may as well want to go for the one-time purchase. 

Another key feature to consider is the number of additional users you can add. If your Amazon business is managed by a group of people, you may need to grant them access to financial activities. Make sure the program offers at least 2-3 additional user licenses. Similarly, if you have a small-medium team of employees, look for the one with employee management and payroll services. It will streamline the staff management, paying their salaries, keeping their records, attendances, activities, and much more. 

It’s also crucial to choose the program with cross-platform support. Now, not all the programs will provide that but if you are working on different devices, go with the one that has a mobile application at least so you can access your dashboard from anywhere. 

last but not least, always check the additional features. At the time you may not use it but they come in handy in the future. For example, Helium 10 and Jungle Scout accounting feature is a part of their Amazon seller suites. And both of them are must-have toolkits if you are looking to grow your business.

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Final Word: Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers (2023)

Amazon business seems very lucrative and promising from a distance but only when you step into it, do you realize how much is there to manage. Starting from product research, and keyword management, to marketing, and campaigning, there is no breather. 

With accounting software, you save a lot of time that you can devote to any other activities mentioned above.

Handling the finances is never an easy thing since you are dealing with tonnes of numbers, metrics, and records. Also, you the majority of Amazon’s business is relying on the data and an unembellished analysis is necessary in order to implement strategies, make changes in prices, and so on.

Here are my quick suggestions:

Helium 10 – Profits is the best bookkeeping platform in my opinion. Mainly because of its accurate data and the bunch of other productivity tools you get with it. 

QuickBooks Online is an economical option for you. Also, if you have a team to manage, its employee management feature will come in handy. 

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